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We believe that every person on this planet has an untold story of struggles hidden deep inside their hearts. We provide you a medium to channel your emotions and weave magic with your words. Let us help you reach stardom!

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Featured Stories

Pakistan's Best Short Stories

The Return

The Return

Winner of 'The Stories Untold - Season II'

Bound by an insufferable childhood, the siblings reunite on the cusp of a haunting choice. While pain and tears have softened her, they have turned him raw and cold. As they unfurl the dots and connect them with their searing past, catastrophe lurks in the fields of darkness where the harvest is always tantamount to what was sown.

Poignance of Soul

Poignance of Soul

Top Five Finalist of 'The Stories Untold - Season II'

Set in the heartlands of Kashmir comes a story of Ameer, an eighteen-year-old, who in one cruel stroke of fate, lost everything and everyone he had ever loved. Relive his story, his struggle to overcome not only his physical scars but the wounds upon his very spirit which have rendered him unable to take joy in anything mundane.



Top Five Finalist of 'The Stories Untold - Season II'

“At times, self-preservation demands self-destruction. Would Leila be able to defeat the stigmas that surround her, or will she be another ‘someone’ in this cruel world?
This is a story of a girl who has nothing to hold on to, but a sliver of hope. She has the willpower to fight; the question is, will she succeed or will the world devour her?”

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