Hamburg City, Germany

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Alina Ahmed Abdul Salam


Born Mar 18, 1997
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Reading a book is truly one of life's most precious experiences! There is a certain magic in being transported by the power of words. I firmly believe the right book can help against depression, isolation, boredom, and everything under the sun!

I have lived in three different cultures, in three very different countries - Germany, UAE, and Pakistan. The frequent shiftings made it hard to have a solid group of friends; I am from a family of avid bookreaders, and my truest friends were my family, and the books we packed and shipped everywhere we went.

That is why I work to spread books, a love for reading, and I strive to help aspiring writers create their masterpieces. I am a reader, and I feel honored when a writer submits their work to me.

I am an Entrepreneur and a Freelance content curator. My favourite past time is horse riding, and I am a dedicated Potterhead. I dream of a world where books take over the smartphone and sharing book reviews is a common form of communication on the street.