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By: Muneera Jamal


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“At times, self-preservation demands self-destruction. Would Leila be able to defeat the stigmas that surround her, or will she be another ‘someone’ in this cruel world?

This is a story of a girl who has nothing to hold on to, but a sliver of hope. She has the willpower to fight; the question is, will she succeed or will the world devour her?”

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-039-3
Total Pages 40
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 30 mins
Genre Drama
Published By Daastan
Published On 07 Jan 2019
Muneera Jamal

Muneera Jamal

Muneera is a dental surgeon and an emerging writer. Her works revolve around everything and anything that is considered a taboo. She aspires to inspire.




Aug 05, 2019


Let me say this first: Excellent hook. Now, There was some info given which was not that necessary and the story would be the same if that stuff was removed. For example: The fact that she learns to read didn't play THAT much of an important role and it could've been used in even bigger way. Yes, she reads religious stuff and then she finds God but it wasn't emphasized THAT much. And I don't know if this problem is only for me or something but the theme of the story wasn't clear and the story became a little, just a little bit, boring. I say it again that it could be that its only a problem for me but otherwise the grammar, the scenes, and some quotes were absolutely awesome.

TL;DR: It is pretty good if its your first story and deserves respect, otherwise it demanded a little more work. :)

Hajra Afzal


Jul 21, 2018

It was a touching story bringing out positive thinking and trust in reader.stories like these can change sensitise our community.i would love stories like these published in magazines as well.well written.well done.

Jan 30, 2017

Muneera's Bazaar is a beautifully composed short story highlighting the bitter truth of our society. It is a journey of a young girl through the mind of an energetic and aspiring writer. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it...Best of luck :)

Jan 26, 2017

A beautiful story of the ugly world...really loved the depth of words

Zara Rizwan


Jan 13, 2017

I enjoyed reading and devouring every single word. You have it in you what it takes to be an aspiring writer. I look forward to reading your more writings.

Arooha Arif


Jan 13, 2017

As a beginner it is good. Keep working hard.

Zainab Khan


Jan 12, 2017

It was a good piece for a beginner, highlighting the reality in our society. Though it had a lot of glitches and an unrealistic approach, nevertheless, it was a good read!

Asma Hassan


Jan 11, 2017

Excellent " Bayaania " ( plot ) .. Characterization.. Beautifully Written Muneera .. U R Wonderful Writer .

Jan 11, 2017

Beautifully written. Way to go Muneera! :)

Zehra Zakir


Jan 10, 2017

Beautiful story indeed and very well put.

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