How to Survive your 20s 5 Reviews

By: Noor Sheikh

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This book is coming-of-age satire aimed at young audience who feel lost in the new found struggles of adulting. The author recalls her own 20s and laughs at how terrible she was at so many things and yet survived without coming completely clean through the struggles and mistakes of her 20s. 

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-447-6
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-448-3
Total Pages 101
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 2 hours
Genre Non-Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 19 Dec 2021
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Noor Sheikh

Noor Sheikh

Noor is an academic and a researcher on identity, migrations and politics, from Islamabad. She is an ardent reader, has passion for travelling and writing. When she is not teaching at a local public sector university or buried in her research, she likes to be at home with her parents baking cakes and bread, and playing with her nephews and nieces.


Mai Yam


Feb 15, 2021

Im glad that i m ur student..u r an inspiration mam..My heartiest wish just for you for a bright future. You are a hard worker may you get success whatever you do. Good luck and tons of best wishes!

Feb 11, 2021

The book perfectly describes all the years of your life that you experience till your 20s and gives advice as well. I wish I could have found this book year ago, it could have saved me some heartbreak. A definite read if you are starting 20s or about to start.

Sundus Anwar


Jan 15, 2021

I loved how noor used the a mix of prose and poetry in her writing. A quick read that provides one of the point of views of the people in their twenties. A time of turmoil and chaos. You are an adult but you are not an adult, it represents alot of our experiences and the ups and downs of the twenties. The author provides an insight into the mind of the young people in their twenties. It is worth taking some time out to read. A very commendable effort by a novice writier.

Maryam Nawaz


Dec 08, 2020

This book is a collection of observations and experiences of the writer and her peers. When teens are stepping into their 20s or taking attempts at adulating, they most likely go through a lot of confusion and changes both physically and emotionally. Under their peers’ or parents’ pressure, they can easily get lost in ambiguities, uncertainties and feel as if they have been abandoned or pushed to do something that they don’t even know how to. Talking about serious issues prevailing in our society and especially in the lives of young people, Ms. Sheikh highlights several aspects of her life that most of the people in their 20s can relate to themselves. In this book, the writer advises the youngsters to stop self-pitying and stop living in isolation. Instead, she shows them the path to walk on while they are going through their hard times and misery. She gives guidance to the young souls who are struggling through their 20s, not knowing how to survive their state of confusion.
I wish I would have read this book in my early 20s instead of reading it in my late 20s. Anyhow, things cannot be changed, but at least can be improved. I can relate every word of this book and the feelings of the author to myself. This seems so surreal to know a lot of things that existed in my life, but I was unaware of them intentionally or unintentionally.
I would highly recommend this book to young teens who are stepping into their 20s to read this book and learn crucial things to focus on in their life instead of wasting precious time chasing unrealistic goals.

Muhammad Ali


Oct 22, 2020

loved to read this piece. thankyou

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