Refusing to Disappear: The Diary of a Forcibly Disappeared Person's Daughter 3 Reviews

By: Aymun Sajid

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Enforced disappearances have plagued Pakistan for almost 20 years. This book is the searing first-hand account of 18-year-old Aymun, who witnessed her father’s abduction in Islamabad on March 14, 2016, not to see him again yet. Written in the form of journal entries accompanied by her artwork, Aymun takes the reader through her personal story - detailing the shock, sorrow and alienation she and her family faced as they fought the pain of being abruptly torn apart. This book will make readers realize why enforced disappearance is termed ‘a heinous crime against humanity’. It is not just one story; it symbolizes thousands of similar destroyed lives and lost dreams across Pakistan. But this is a fresh vow, a new hope: refusing to disappear! The proceeds from the purchase of this book will go directly to the victims of enforced disappearance.

ISBN (Digital)
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-684-5
Total Pages 40
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 30m
Genre Non-Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 18 May 2022
Aymun Sajid

Aymun Sajid

Aymun Sajid dreamt of becoming an artist and writer since childhood. But after her father was illegally abducted, all her dreams and aspirations were snatched from her - only replaced with the ominous title of ‘a forcibly disappeared person’s daughter’. Now 18, Aymun’s dream of being an artist and writer are realized under the most unfortunate circumstances: her father remains missing. However, she decided to take a stand against this heinous crime, hoping to redeem herself and be of help to others. Aymun decided she would not let herself or her father’s story disappear.


May 18, 2022

A heartbreaking read and a worthy cause. I urge anyone who might be reading this review to invest a small chunk of their time in this book.

May 18, 2022

The experience of Aymun and her family is something that can hardly be put into words. We can never fully understand what life is like for the families of missing persons. Yet Aymun has written with such honesty and passion that we get a glimpse into her life- a life that is in limbo.
I guarantee this book will move you to tears!

Nazia Rehman


May 18, 2022

Heartbreaking but draws you in. The raw emotions in the writing and the illustrations take you into the life of the writer. It's a sad situation but we must feel honoured that Aymun allows us to hear her voice inspite of so many attempts to silence such voices. This process must be hard but this is the best a young woman can do when she and her family are up against the iron doors and walls of a ruthless and heartless state.

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