The Sinking Wedding 2 Reviews

By: Sara Amir

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Celeste grace came to attend her best friend, Rosa's wedding in Sinking Town. A place known for its mysterious and unexplained deaths. As they arrive, a cruel soul The Black Bride starts to haunt Rosa in her dreams and fortells her about her death. As she stated, Rosa died on the exact day, mysteriously. Shocked by the death of Rosa, Celeste seeks out a search for answers with her fiancé Avin and her new friend, Mia. Together, they unravel the horrifying and cruel mystery of Sinking Town. But will they be able to save Celeste as the vengeful and atrocious Black Bride is now after her?

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-707-1
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-708-8
Total Pages 61
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 0
Genre Horror
Published By Daastan
Published On 15 Mar 2023
Sara Amir

Sara Amir

Sara Amir is a 17 year old girl from lahore, Pakistan. She is the author of the book "The Sinking Wedding" and has the pen name "Miss Night". Being the eldest in the household, the journey to become a writer was not so easy but Sara didn't quit, as she was in the favour of determination. According to Sara, her passion for writing is something she could not deny but write as she finds comfort in the world of books and imagination.


Meerab Ahmed


Apr 22, 2023

Ohhh my god ????...what an incredible novel with such spectacular story line nd thrill ????... such a tremendous work this author has done????... The each line gave me such goosebumps ✨... amazing work in such a Young age of author ????... EVery line was soo satisfying... when they get to know the truth ???? tht was just mind-blowing ????no one could imagine such type of story... The horror was at an extra level ????... I can imagine each and every line in my mind while reading that... The whole novel is just an extraordinary work...last but not the least the ending was phenomenal ????❤️...i literally cried at that moment when she walked through the aisle ????????... Overall the work of this young lady is just extraordinary ♥️????... highly recommend for all who are in love with reading ????...must read it nd give it a big thumbs up ????♥️... Extremely fantastic Novel????❤️ love with author as well as with the novel????♥️????... keep it up girl ????

Nov 28, 2022

Tbh, my expectations were kinda low for this book. But I really enjoyed this mini and quick read. I wish this was a long book because the idea and theme of the book was interesting to read. Beautiful horror story (you need to read the book to understand why I said beautiful for this horror read XD) . the writing was easy any age could enjoy it and in one go. The cover of the book was awesome so scary yet beautiful. Characters' name were hard to remember but after few pages I got them all over all, the writing and plot were enjoying to read and Rosa was irritating but loved celeste. Hope to see this kinda book again but a big one in future from the writer

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