Memoir of A Lost Odyssey 2 Reviews

By: Bhaskar Paul

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The darkness was thick and the streetlamps, located at either side, radiated a warm orange glow, flickering in its attempt to light up the street. No more than an hour ago the sky seemed aesthetic; a light evening blue, tinted with hues of red, orange and pink. But by now all the colours had faded away, leaving behind a dull black panorama, with no stars to be looked upon. The long shadows, which were cast upon the streets by the apartment blocks, have now slowly blended into the engulfing darkness. And in the midst of this darkness a stranger made his way, wading through the crowd and the chilly winter air, with one sole purpose- to meet Hugo. Hugo was a magician who owned a small magic shop called “The House of Magic”. An old man now, Hugo lived alone, with only memories of his checkered past- memories which both warmed as well as haunted him. The stranger claimed to be an old friend of Hugo, but one whom he neither remembered nor recognised. To resolve this predicament, the stranger proposed to narrate a story- a story about a young boy, his journey and “the greatest magic trick the world will never know about”.  



ISBN (Digital) 0
ISBN (Hard copy) 0
Total Pages 53
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1h
Genre Fantasy
Published By Daastan
Published On 30 Sep 2017
Bhaskar Paul

Bhaskar Paul

An introvert with an extroverted intuition, I write to give words to my emotions, which actually helps to keep me sane ( figuratively, I mean).I am currently a final year engineering student. I am still to find out why I am here, how I fit in the larger scheme of things, what role do I play in the magnum opus that is our planet. So, until I figure out what I am actually meant to do, I will continue to find refuge, in the magical world of books.


Oct 01, 2017

Nice read. I enjoyed it. Ah the protogonist name is my favorite one. . Hugo..!!!

Sep 30, 2017

The truth of life and how one leads towards it is beautifully depicted. I loved Hugo's character and the personality of his secret follower was captive. The writer succeeded in keeping me glued to the story, hence, I enjoyed it at best. Definitely a recommended read.

And not to forget, the book cover is chic, loved it the best of all the covers <3

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