Children of the Woods 6 Reviews

By: Hossein Syed

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The forest is such a dark place for a boy of six, but when his pretty little Missy treads far into the uncharted territory of the woods, an adventure awaits!

Into the dark, into the woods, away from the crooked home, the little boy finds something he was never meant to find.

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-239-7
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-218-2
Total Pages 80
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1 hour
Genre Horror
Published By Daastan
Published On 08 Sep 2020
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Hossein Syed

Hossein Syed

Hossein Syed is a man of few words. He tries his level best to break the mould of current writing clichés (the pretension is quite real), which include the public’s terrible fondness for script-orientated prose; but it’s an on-going and a deathly struggle against consumerist television, cold-drink commercials, and happy-meal brochures. He just prays that the audience spares more attention-span for his works, too. So he tries, mostly in vain, and thinks of novel ways to tell his stories. When he’s not writing, he pretends to busy himself with Literature and Linguistics, amateur drawing, and funny attempts at gardening.


Kiran Dildar


Jul 17, 2019

Nice effort. Keep up the good work..!!

Sajid Abbasi


Jun 03, 2018

Beautifully written. I really liked this book.

Qazi Abdus


Jun 03, 2018

Abu Aariz


Jun 01, 2018

The book is on a topic that is rarely brought up and seems like a nice daring effort. It is beautifully written and I am definitely going to read it and recommend it to some bookworms I know.

Rabia Saif


Jun 01, 2018

A page turner. It is a piece of writing that portrays a form of art along with the story itself. The surroundings and the sounds can be imagined as you find yourself amidst the story itself. What I love the most about the story is the writing style and the way even the non-living things have been characterized according to the story that give the story itself a more real look. The trees, the leaves and even the house itself is more of a character than an object. The writer thinks out of the box and hasn’t a clichéd way of writing that can be guessed like most of the stories nowadays. All in all, a well written piece worth reading in my personal opinion. Definitely going to order and recommend to others as well. Waiting for more stories to come from Hossain Syed.

Samson John


May 31, 2018

Plotting is good, would recommend to others as well.

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