Detective strange 1 Reviews

By: Uneeb Memon

Zaryab a Private detective was called on a mission by the Chief of Police Qamar Rehman. Qamar Rehman who doesn't like Zaryab very much just because his scandal came on T.V due to Zaryab's code cracking abilities. Qamar and Zaryab, a miss match of a team drive their way to crack up cases related to crime.

ISBN (Digital) 000
Total Pages 120
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1h
Genre Mystery
Published By Daastan
Published On 19 Apr 2019
Uneeb Memon

Uneeb Memon

I am an engineer, who has his interests in being a writer.


Mar 12, 2019

Writting skills are good and theme is also good, I appreciate the efforts of the author and recommend this book.

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