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*Page Updated: 1st March 2024

Publishing is a hassle and each manuscript has different needs. Daastan gives you the flexibility to customize your publishing the way you want. You have more control over your work and how you want to bring it in market. A manuscript undergoes following steps before it is ready to be published

  • Soft form of manuscript i.e. it needs to be composed on computer (Typing)
  • Fixing the basic structure, plot and grammar issues (Editing)
  • Optimizing file for print publishing (Formatting)
  • Book cover designing
  • Book registration and legalities (paperwork filing with govt. bodies)
  • Printing costs

You can save lot of costs by learning how to do most of the things yourself. However, the book registration fee is compulsory as it is enables us to legally protect your work. 


Editing Services

Are you unsure whether you should add the comma after a particular clause? Do you always forget to capitalise the first sentence after a full stop? Do you find it difficult to spot a dangling modifier? If the answer to all these questions is a yes, don't worry because Daastan has got your back.

Word Count Basic Editing* Advanced Editing**
less than 5000 words Rs. 4,000 Rs. 8,000
5,000 - 10,000  Rs. 10,000 Rs. 15,000
10,000 - 20,000 Rs. 25,000 Rs. 40,000
20,000 - 40,000 Rs. 45,000 Rs. 80,000
greater than 40,000 Rs. 60,000 Rs. 100,000

*Basic Editing: This includes the correction of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes along with the suggestions for improving sentence structures. This type of editing will lead to both print and e-publication. There is one free revision and one mentorship session by the editor for the author. 

**Advanced Editing: This includes the detailed input of the editor in terms of suggestions, addition and deletion of scenes, along with character descriptions. There are three free revisions and limited mentoring sessions for the author. 


Translation Services


Service type/Page range

001-150 pages

150-300 pages

300+ pages


850 PKR/page

800 PKR/page

750 PKR/page


950 PKR/page

900 PKR/page

850 PKR/page


1,050 PKR/page

1,000 PKR/page

950 PKR/page

Revision Policy: Author can request upto three (01) revision for free. Further changes to the files will be charged at 1000 PKR per hour


Design Services


E-Book Cover Design Print Book Cover Design
5,000 PKR 10,000 PKR
Other than this, we do provide customized services like illustrations, book mark design etc. Pricing varies, please email us your requirements at merasawal [at] daastan [dot] com


Book Registration Cost

Every book that is to be published needs an ISBN Number and Bar code. Authors can request Daastan to file paperwork with govt. to register their books. It takes seven days to get the required numbers. Urgent service of 48 hours delivery is possible @ 20,000 PKR / number.

Digital Book  Print Book
5000 PKR 5000 PKR


Print-Ready File Creation

The last step before the file goes in print is to ensure that it is in the right format. Slight negligence in this may ruin the entire batch of hard copies. The file once approved by the author can not be changed or recalled from the printing. 

Either your manuscript is in soft form (i.e. already typed) or in hand written notes format, we accept both versions. Prices for print ready file creation are as follows.

Service type/Page range

001-150 pages

150-300 pages

300-500 pages

Already typed files

150 PKR/page

120 PKR/page

100 PKR/page

Hand written notes

250 PKR/page

230 PKR/page

200 PKR/page


Revision Policy: Author can request upto three (03) revisions for free. Further changes to the files will be charged at 1000 PKR per hour


Printing Cost

Print cost depends on various factors which are listed below
  • Size of book
  • Page quality 
  • Type of binding
  • Print type
  • Volume
  • Total Pages
Understanding book sizes:
Books can be printed in customized or industry standard sizes. Usually, we go by 5x8 size as standard size. Bigger sizes are 6x9, 9x9 and A4 to name a few. Book size also depends on the nature of the manuscript. For example, novels are printed on 5x8 size, text books are usually A4 and children story books are 9x9.
Understanding page quality:
Page quality means thickness or weight of page. Normally, standard pages 60 GSM (low), 70 GSM (medium) and 80 GSM (high). Some authors opt for creme paper (highest quality). It is quite expensive. Normally, all novels and books are published using these qualities.
However, if your work is photo-oriented like a travelogue or photography collection where you need high colored images then usually art paper is used. It is relatively more expensive than normal paper print quality. Whereas, the books for small children are printed on thick card. We usually discuss these requirements one-on-one before quoting a final price.
Understanding binding:
There are two qualities of binding.
  • Paperbacks
  • Hard covers
Paperbacks which are less than 60 pages (PDF) usually have pin binding. It is relatively cheap whereas in case the manuscript has 100 pages or more, we opt for hot glue binding which is also called perfect bound.
Hardcovers come in two qualities. Simple hard covers (normal) and hard covers with dust jackets (high quality). Urdu authors or english authors who  usually opt for hard cover books. Hardcovers binding is possible for books which have more than 100 pages.
Understanding print type:
Print type means that is your manuscript in black n white print or colored illustrations? For small volumes i.e. 24, 50, 100 and 200 copies, we opt for digital printing which is a bit expensive as compared to traditional printing. If you add one colored page then it's Rs. 20 per page per copy. If your manuscript is in full color then ideally it is printed on art paper and rates vary. Please email us your book details so we can offer you an estimate.
Understanding volume:
Genrally in market, all the printers do high volume printing i.e. 500 copies or more. Average investment needed is 100,000 PKR or more. However, for new authors who are just starting their writing careers, it is not hard to arrange and invest that much money. If anyone says otherwise, please don't listen to them. A new author should first build their readership then opt for high volume printing. A simple explanation is as follows which can help you decide what is better for you. Still if you are confused then drop us a message, we would be happy to advise.
Volume Purpose Audience Readership
Low Personal New authors No or limited
High Commercial Established authors High 
The below charges refer to the minimum lot of 5x8 sized books with black and white interior pages on good quality paper (Creme 80 GSM Imported).
PIN BINDING (50 paged PDF book)
For The Lot Of: Pricing Formula Cost 
30 books Rs. 7.00 per page PDF + 150 PKR binding 15,000 PKR
50 books Rs. 6.75 per page PDF + 150 PKR binding 24,000 PKR
HOT GLUE BINDING (100 paged PDF book)
For The Lot Of: Pricing Formula Cost 
50 books Rs. 5.50 per page PDF + 150 PKR binding 35,000 PKR
100 books Rs. 5.25 per page PDF + 150 PKR binding 67,000 PKR
HARD COVER BINDING (normal) (100 paged PDF book)
For The Lot Of: Pricing Formula Cost 
50 books Rs. 6.50 per page PDF + 250 PKR binding 45,000 PKR
100 books Rs. 6.00 per page PDF + 250 PKR binding 85,000 PKR
HARD COVER BINDING (with dust jacket) (100 paged PDF book)
For The Lot Of: Pricing Formula Cost 
50 books Rs. 6.50 per page PDF + 250 PKR binding + 100 PKR dust jacket 50,000 PKR
100 books Rs. 6.00 per page PDF + 250 PKR binding + 100 PKR dust jacket 95,000 PKR
On-demand discounts are available on need-basis. The above mentioned rates are est. rates. If your manuscript has more pages, we can offer you a more competitive rate.
For higher volume printing i.e. 500 copies or more, pricing varies. Please inquire at merasawal [at] daastan [dot] com

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

If you don't get the quality of service what's promised, you get your money back. No questions asked. Daastan is the leading publishing company which is setting the quality standards and bringing transparency and efficieny in the publishing space. We strive to meet the customer's expectations and provide the highest quality through our team of professionals.