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Rachel Kallembach

Born Sep 23, 1980
Genre Horror
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Rachel Kallembach has an admitted obsession with the short story format, especially the macabre. She used to cart around a mammoth hardback copy of Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes with her everywhere when she was an adolescent, until the spine fell apart. Shortly afterwards, "The Tell-Tale Heart" got her in its grasp and still has a strong hold to this day. Her other influences include Shirley Jackson, Bradbury, Lovecraft, Asimov, and the classic TV show The Twilight Zone. One non-sequitur in her literary tastes is a variety of classical poetry.

She currently teaches eighth grade literature. But, recently, she decided to conquer her shyness of sharing her writing after years of hard work and introspection. She realized her insatiable need to speak creatively through fiction, about messages that she felt were important, was serving no one when it was hidden. This story was one of her first steps to the other side of literature appreciation in order to contribute to it instead.