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Salman Tahir

Born Aug 31, 2001
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I am a philosopher, a theologist, and i "write", and i "speak" in many different ways, to convey my message.

For elaboration purposes that means, that i am an author and a writer, i write books of two main categories, theology/philosophy and fiction novels.

I am basically an analyst in terms of philosophy, and i compile my work at my non-governmental organization , Luxtor

My fiction, novels can be found on my blog Readers Caffeine,

Moreover, i am a public speaker, i conduct lectures and classes, often on topics of theolgy and philosophy.

And, i am a poet, i write poems in different languages such as, urdu, persian, punjabi, arabic and english.

I am also the blogger, editor, programmer and founder of "Tech at sight" Where we keep up to date to the latest technology.

I am a very logical and practicing person in terms of religion and most of my theolgy is based on it, i also edit and blog a religious page, Turn To Allah,