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Tooba Arshad


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I am Tooba Arshad and I am passionate about self-expression. This passion has been a driving force all my life, enabling me to develop and refine a number of skills including writing, public speaking, teaching, strategic planning, problem-solving, and leadership. And it is to these very skills that I owe the diversity of my professional background today - from literature to activism, and from business to academia.

Now I may be many things, but I consider myself a writer first and foremost. And I have been using that platform - be it in the form of blogs, novels, or poetry - along with my podcast on YouTube to address and raise awareness on social and mental health issues. We are all struggling, yet we are all alone in it. I am determined to change that mindset by being open about my demons, thereby leading by example. My mission as an activist is to encourage empathy and vulnerability, so we may be free to express our authentic selves without fear of judgement. That is what success looks like to me!

On the other hand, I am an entrepreneur at heart. With over five years of experience leading operational divisions of international NewTech startups and several lessons from a not-so-successful launch of my own digital agency, I have spent the last two years as a business consultant to clients worldwide. A biomedical engineer by qualification, I have also worked in academia for over three years, either as a teacher or as a researcher focused on AI-driven rehabilitation of disabilities.