The Valor Girl 1 Reviews

By: Mushtaque Korejo

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The fiction portrays a character of a Christian teen girl; she lives hard life of the day, after losing her parents on their twentieth wedding anniversary. I try to identify her boldness and after coping bitter circumstances. Her limits of tolerating people’s highhandedness, sex abuses, and fighting for her abducted brother, her efforts to secure evidences from bullies and her acumen to try to defeat bullies.

Welcome to the short fiction of The Valor Girl.    

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-353-0
Total Pages 50
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 30min
Genre Popular Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 08 Jun 2020
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Mushtaque Korejo

Mushtaque Korejo

Being a piscean I had been introvert all the time and so that my dreamy world led me into the reveries to link up with the stories I developed, raking my brain. It's like an angular Shadow casting over me to let me discover my objectives, to be honest I am festerd with romance, I dream up my own vision plunging into a Gothic world a trace that's been tempting me to trail and carve out a different way of stories. Yes I acknowledge that mostly I feel myself being in a mean character thereof the feelings I share in my romantic modern love stories.


Irfan Korejo


Jun 25, 2019

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