Shroud Of Honor 8 Reviews

By: Zeeshan Ahmed Khan

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Are the signs real? Does God talk to us? Can we murder the voice of conscience? The heaviest weight is that of a burdened soul – a weight crushing upon the shoulders of Abdur Rehman. Divulgence from his past kept haunting him during all his years abroad, and nothing could bring him solace until he returned to his homeland to find answers to his restiveness.

While on his mission of self-discovery, our Hero is met with a stark reality of life; Justice Demands Sacrifice.

Intertwined with love, passion, tradition and redemption, “Shroud of Honor” brings to its readers a heart-wrenching tale of a war within that is won yet lost all at once.


ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-051-5
Total Pages 53
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1h
Published By Dastaan
Published On 26 Dec 2017
Zeeshan Ahmed Khan

Zeeshan Ahmed Khan

Zeeshan Khan was born in the city of Quetta Balochistan in 1994. Being brought up as a product of his environment, he ran the streets of a beautiful but troubled city and experienced things that most people of his age would not even imagine to endure. He is now questioning everything, and observing things through the glass wall that separates him from the outside world and has ended up making him a writer.


Aqsa ijaz


Feb 02, 2017

weaving the plot while channeling local flavors in an old story with contemporary understanding is a difficult task to achieve. The story has all these elements. It would be justified to state that the story shows serious potential

Kainat Azhar


Jan 29, 2017

Set in the cold valley of Quetta and the suburbs, Shroud of Honor is a tale of unfulfilled love, parental and societal pressure and the fight with one’s own demons. The story moves smoothly from a small village to England and back to that village.
The whole story gives one an insight of the local Pakhtun culture and its values along with the psychological picture of a young, studious lawyer who was ricocheting between the societal principals and his emotions; between wrong and right.

Ayesha Lodhi


Jan 28, 2017

I appreciate the concept and graph of the story, had made me sunk to depth of emotions..Great work..
Looking forward to read more from you..

Ayesha Lodhi


Jan 28, 2017

Jan 26, 2017

Description, writing is good but the story plot is not clear....

Aman Khan


Jan 11, 2017

Best wishes to you bro

Jan 11, 2017

Mesmerizing description overcame the story.Over all good effort and characterization.

Nasir Khan


Jan 10, 2017


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