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A collection of poignant short stories by aspiring writers. This book is a celebration of literary diversity: seeing the world with a different lens and welcoming unique perspectives. It encapsulates the essence of human life as it happens everyday and sheds light on that which we fail to see, and gives a voice to that which we cannot seem to hear.

The books spans over a number of short stories exploring subjects such as love, life, suffering, friendship and loss.

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-331-8
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-332-5
Total Pages 250
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 3 hours
Genre Anthology
Published By Daastan
Published On 28 Jul 2019
Rhizomatic Literaties

Rhizomatic Literaties

What is Rhizomatic Literaties? It started off as a seed of an idea to allow a chance for people to be published. We three have a passion for books and writing, but growing up in Pakistan, getting published seemed like an impossible dream. But like they say, where there is a will there is a way, so we decided to start Rhizomatic Literaties as a movement to help make getting your name out there accessible and not impossible.


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