Mr. Towel 4 Reviews

By: Kiran Dildar


Mr. Towel is basically a kid story, its main idea is to give some awareness to children of different age that they must should keep their home clean and things they daily use. It’s a fiction based on some imaginary characters moms could read this story for their kids before they go to bed. It is something interesting, people will surely enjoy reading it. 

ISBN (Digital)
Total Pages 0
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 30min
Genre Children Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 28 Aug 2019
Kiran Dildar

Kiran Dildar

Kiran Khan always tries to draw the beauty of her dreams through her work and her thoughts. She has done her masters in IT recently. After completing her matriculation degree, she opted for pre-medical, but ended up graduating in computer studies. She had a passion of writing from her college time and wrote some short stories of her own and a novel but didn’t publish them due to a busy schedule of her studies. Kiran Khan is her pen name whereas the real full name is “Kiran Dildar” Gemini is her zodiac sign. Her interests are music, IT, graphic design, blogging and writing. She resides with her family in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. - Wattpad username "KiranKhan005"


Mar 04, 2020

Awesome, enjoyed it.

Sep 25, 2019

Excellent work!

Saba Usman


Sep 06, 2019

Good work.

Sadaf Abbas


Sep 04, 2019

Your writing inspired me, loved the book!

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