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By: Shiza Nizam

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Fears and Friends


“Charlie looks happy today, I know why, that is because it is probably going to rain, and I do not like the rain,” said Willie the van cat.

This used to be before Willie met his unexpected best friend, Alfred the toad.

The start of this beautiful friendship took place several years ago. Willie used to play in the garden of his house every morning or evening or whenever he felt like it. Although, he used to have a lot of fun he always thought he needed a friend as Charlie was not always there to play with him. Charlie had to go to school and do his assignments so he did not have much time to play with Willie.

One fine day, when Willie was playing alone in the garden all by himself, he saw something peeking from behind a leaf. At first, Willie did not understand what it was, he just ignored and continued to play around. After a while, he saw that someone was again peeking from behind a flower. He ignored and continued to play. After a while, he again saw someone peeking but this time from behind a small rock. This made Willie feel uncomfortable, so he decided to go inside and play some other time.

When Charlie came from school, Willie told Charlie everything that had happened. Charlie told him to check closely the next time it would happen. A week went by and nothing happened, and so Willie also forgot all about it.

One afternoon when Willie was sitting in the garden, he again saw someone peeking from behind a leaf. Willie suddenly stood up and decided to go near to have a clearer look. As he stepped forward someone behind the leaf jumped and vanished. Willie had no idea what had happened and why it had happened but he was determined to find out what it was.

As he came extremely close to the leaf, he heard someone call him from behind his back.

“Hey Willie, want to play?” Said the voice

 Willie was startled and quickly turned around to see who it was. To his surprise, it was a little toad looking at him with wide eyes filled with excitement and eagerness.

“Who are you?” Asked Willie

“I am Alfred, the toad, I live here in your garden. I know Charlie too, I like him very much. Anyway, do you want to play?” said Alfred the toad.

Willie was surprised but also happy as he knew he was finally going to have someone to play with when Charlie would not be around, a new friend. Since then Willie and Alfred have become best friends.

Whenever Charlie is in school and Willie wants to play he and Alfred play together. Sometimes they even eat together.

One summer afternoon, Willie and Alfred were playing when all of a sudden the weather changed and it started to rain. Since Willie hated rain, he quickly ran inside. Alfred was left in the garden alone, at first, he did not understand the reason. He saw that Willie sat by the window and kept on staring outside. Alfred jumped on the window ceiling and asked him, “What happened? Let’s enjoy the rain.”

Willie said, “You don’t know? I hate the rain. Charlie likes it, but I hate it.”

Alfred said, “You have got to enjoy at least once, come outside, we will have fun.”

Upon insisting, Willie still refused to go outside.

After listening to the tragic event that had happened with Willie, Alfred became very sad. He decided that as a friend he will try his best to help Willie in any way possible. He sat by him the entire time it rained. It was indeed a gloomy day.

Next day, Alfred came to Charlie and discussed that he wanted to help Willie. Charles gladly agreed and proposed his help too. They both went to Willie who was playing with a yarn ball. They told him that they wanted to help him get out of his fear. Alfred told Willie about his idea. Willie became worried because he was not at all ready to do so.

 Alfred said,

“True, we all have fears,
 Yes, we at times are scared,
 Yet we will fight them all,
With our courage so strong”

This brought some motivation in him and all three went to the pool.

Alfred and Charles went in the pool and asked Willie to come too. They showed him, that it was not as scary as it looked. At first, Willie hesitated, he had no idea how he would do it. So Alfred asked him to put his one paw in the water for a while, then the second and when he finally felt comfortable he could come all together. Willie found this to be a better approach to follow.

He did exactly the same. After taking out the second paw, he plucked up his courage and took the big jump. Charles and Alfred could not believe their eyes, Willie was finally in the water. He finally did it. They were so happy and excited to see Willie overcome his fears. Alfred even taught Willie how to swim. All three spent the entire afternoon in the pool. It was indeed an incredible day.­­­­

One fine day, the three friends were sitting together. Charlie was reading a book, Alfred was drinking juice and Willie well he was just lying and relaxing.

Gradually, the sky started to turn grey and within a few seconds, it started to rain. All three friends looked at each other, gave a big smile, took each other’s hands and ran outside in the garden to enjoy the rain. They cheerfully said out loud:

“True, we all have fears
Yes, we at times are scared
Yet we will fight them all
With our courage so strong”

Times had changed, Willie was no longer afraid of water, he loved his friends very much because if it hadn’t been for them, Willie would have never let go of his fears.




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Published On 16 Dec 2019
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