Forced Migration on the Basis of Extremism 4 Reviews

By: Saleem Azam

In this book effort is made to find the cause and effect of the forced migration of the Christian Minority of Pakistan. Migration is linked to national cohesion and security. The constitution of Pakistan provides protection to the Minorities and to the all citizens of Pakistan whereas the extremist forces challenge the constitution by attacking minorities of Pakistan. This extremism is observed in behaviour and attitudes of radicalized groups. Extremism is a mind-set and it cannot be terminated with force of power.  It needs to be addressed in a rational way. In Pakistan people belonging to diverse religious groups live and they have equal rights. The minorities are threatened due to forced conversion, forced marriages, blasphemy issues, social, economic and political injustice.

Many international organizations had been reported that the Christians and other minority groups as well as members of Majority are migrating due to extremism. A lot of skilled people from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar have migrated to foreign lands due to extremism. Many scholars linked this problem of extremism with religion or Islamization whereas religion is just one factor and there are many other causes of extremism for instance; poverty, identity crisis, biased education, biased social values, false democracy, undemocratic rule, political instability. All these factors lead Pakistan towards the extremism.

Vulnerable people unconsciously become a victim of radicalisation and they practice their furry by disobeying the constitution of Pakistan or by attacking sacred worship places to cause physical and emotional torture to citizens of country. Fundamentalist forget that all religions patronize peace. The extremists have extremist’s ideology and they want to impose their mind-set on others. Extremists have materialistic objectives. They want to impose their ideology to gain political objectives, economic benefits or the religious goals. The extremism is a mind-set and a thought of a few members of society. The society can transform by the change of mind and change of mind is only possible through the rational and value based education.

In Asia and South Asia there is very little work on the forced migration. So this book will help to understand the problems of minorities, human rights, minority rights and the cause and effect of the ‘Forced Migration’. This book will provide assistance to the policy makers, NGOS,IGOS and upcoming scholars. In this book infection of extremism and its antidote both have been discussed. The language of book is easy so the layman could also understand the issue.

KEYWORDS: forced migration, extremism, human rights minority rights, identity, transformation

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Saleem Azam

Saleem Azam

MPhil in International Relations Iqra University, Islamabad 2017 Thesis: Force Migration due to extremism Research Interest Migration/Immigration (citizenship, identity, transformation), Human Rights, Minority Rights, conflict and peace, Freedom of Religion or Belief, Globalization, Ethnic Minorities, civil society,extremism,terrorism. Research Papers 1. Terrorism causes and impact on the society of Pakistan 2. People Aman Committee, a terrorist organization 3. Globalization Impact on Pakistan 4. Poverty causes conflict and violence & conflict and violence Cause Poverty. 5. Russia and USA new Cold War 6. Impact of Terrorism on Pakistan’s Economy 7. USA-INDIA Ties leads to New Cold War 8. US-INDO politics leads to new cold war 9. Why USA tilted towards India 10. Gap in Carl Marx Theory Masters in International Relations 2004 University of Peshawar, Peshawar BSc 1994 Edwards College, Peshawar Professional Qualification B.Ed. 2005 Al-Khair University, Peshawar Language Proficiency Reading Speaking Listening Writing English Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Urdu Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Punjabi Satisfactory Good Good Fair Pashto Fair Good Good Fair Professional Experience Teacher 2009 – till to date Islamabad Convent School F-8/4, Islamabad Coordinator 2010 – 2014 Social Studies Area Coordinator Islamabad Convent School F-8/4, Islamabad Coordinator 2011 – 2013 Discipline Coordinator Islamabad Convent School F-8/4, Islamabad Teacher 1993 – 2009 St. Mary’s High School, Peshawar Part Time Teaching Visiting Lecturer Evening college. Government Higher secondary School No.4, Peshawar Cantt. Volunteer Work Volunteer services, to arrange and hold workshops and seminars in the different School s or private organizations to provide consultancy to different NGO’s working for human rights and minority rights. ATTENDED CONFERENCES: 1. Faith for Rights: Consultation on minority rights, freedom of religion or belief 2. Round Table discussion, Interfaith Dialogue: Moving towards a National Policy with members of the NCHR and members of the UK All Parties Parliamentary Group, on Minorities in Pakistan. 3. Human Rights day: Organized by the National Commission for Human Rights and Pakistan Human Rights defenders Network. Article Published by NCHR on Christian Minorities of Pakistan( Minority rights in Pakistan) Specialized Courses 1.Environmental Education(University of Peshawar 1994) 2. Preventions of drugs and aids (University of Peshawar 1994) 3. Teaching of Basic Sciences with British Council University of West England (Peshawar 1996) 4. First Aid training. (Islamabad 2010) 5. Psychological help to treat trauma patients. (Islamabad 2012)


Feb 25, 2020

Splendid work done by the author. The writer has immensely illuminated the momentous factors, responsible for forced migration. Indeed this book would be a beacon for those researchers, who are seeking and striving to do research on the same topic.

Irnum Malik


Feb 25, 2020

Very well articulated. The author highlighted all the aspects that help us to understand how the extremism leads to forced migration. The cause and effect relationship is very well established with the complete research. This book also gives a preview of different social, economical , political and identity that minorities face in Pakistan. Excellent book for secondary reviews and references. Congratulations to Saleem Azim for presenting the facts and analysis in sensitive manner.

Feb 22, 2020

The writer deserves appreciation for his writing "Forced Migration on the basis of Extremism ". It is a sensitive issue to raise voice for especially in writing.Such writings help the statesmen, policymakers and youth to find practical solutions for such issues which affect the honour of state and nation.
Congratulations Mr.Saleem Azam.

Feb 20, 2020

Excellent piece of writing to discuss and highlight issues of the minority communities in Pakistan. Highly recommended for researchers, policy makers and civil society organizations.

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