The Seven Venoms 3 Reviews

By: Alyan Khan

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For so long we have been accusing the governmental issues and world's dealing with us, that we neglect to understand our underlying foundations of underdevelopment lies in our very own selves.

Our own dealings with the world and demeanor towards our issues are the sole reason for our present situation. We have nothing but past to all the more likely comprehend and guide ourselves for what's to come. This book will furnish us with a profound knowledge into the historical backdrop of the Indian subcontinent, and how it has affected local's psyches today.  

The Seven Venoms provides an underlying driver to our underdevelopment and poor lifestyle today. In the event that we attempt to know what and how we created them, we may also dispose of them all.

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-375-2
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-374-5
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Language English
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Genre History
Published By Daastan
Published On 05 Sep 2019
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Alyan Khan

Alyan Khan

Alyan Khan is an understudy of PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics), independent writer, blogger, and the author of “The Seven Venoms”. His work has appeared and printed on ARY News, Express Tribune and Daily Times, among others. Founded a Foundation devoted to parental awareness programmes and runs an independent and non-partisan political research platform for youth, he is also an abstract artist and occasionally composes short poems.


Kiran Ashraf


Oct 05, 2019

I have worked as an Editor on this book and it has been a great and learning experience. Its always good to see young lads like Alyan having such a grasp on history and politics and are so aptly commenting on it. Alyan has composed an astounding book that should raise loads of eyebrows. His writing style is splendid and new in a manner that isn't hesitant. I wish to see more such amazing work from him and good luck with the success of his book.

Adeel Khan


Sep 30, 2019

Very knowledgeable and witty young lad

Sep 04, 2019

First chapter was a great read. can't wait to get hands on this book!!

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