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By: Naba Basar

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A quest of a rebel who went against all odds to chase her passion to travel. Her goal was to experience and show the world - the real on-ground beauty, culture and traditions of Pakistan.

The books takes you to a journey of Gilgit Baltistan – the most spectacular region of Pakistan, known for its geography, scenic beauty and majestic mountains. Chase the beautiful sunsets, wildflower forest trails, vibrant cultures, fruit orchards and food bursting with distinctive flavours.

It is a collection of adventures, stories, memories and discovery. Are you ready to delve in it?

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-373-8
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-7758-14-2
Total Pages 80
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 3 hours
Genre Travelogue
Published By Gufhtugu Publications
Published On 03 Sep 2019
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Naba Basar

Naba Basar

Being born and raised in Karachi, Naba found it extremely difficult to step out of her comfort zone as a single parent to explore Pakistan as a solo traveler. Her passion for adventure began in 2013 which inspired her to explore the unprecedented mountain ranges of Pakistan. She shares her experiences, Pakistani hospitality, their lives and stories, culture, cuisine and simplicity of the people with the rest of the world through travelogues. Her ultimate wish is to settle in the mountains where she dreams to establish a learning center for the under privileged children and equip them with digital skills so they can narrate the stories of the people of mountains.


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