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By: Mahnoor Ali Syed

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Crushing emotions, breaking hearts and shattering dreams is what men do all in the name of protecting their “honor.”

Thrust into the aimless foray by the revolting standards of a cruel society, Ala, Meena, and Hassan are like helpless bait for violent predators. While singing in her melodious voice trying to hush her feeble cries of pain, Meena finds Ala entering her life through a mere diary. With their hearts broken by treacherous notions of masculinity, the two suffering souls connect with each other instantly.

Will Ala be able to endure the mockery and continue to laugh? Will Meena give up on the notions of submission and embrace freedom? In the attempts to become a 'Man,' will Hassan keep suppressing his true self and ignoring the pleas of his tender heart? They will all fight wars within.

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-052-2
Total Pages 32
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 30m
Genre Drama
Published By Daastan
Published On 24 Nov 2017
Mahnoor Ali Syed

Mahnoor Ali Syed

An A'levels student trying to give a literary touch to common happenings. Feminist. Founder and Executive Director at 'Spread The Word'- a passionate social worker. Blogger. Dreamer.


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