Rewritten tale of Cinderella 20 Reviews

By: Asia Jamil

With Feminist Perspective Breaking Stereotyping of women as weak gender always waiting for a prince to marry her off . Cinderella in this book is brave, strong, wise and a mediator of Peace. 


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Language English
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Genre Children Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 14 Oct 2019
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Asia Jamil

Asia Jamil

Asia Jamil, nick named Eiman is a women’s rights defender from Pakistan.


Fawad Khani


Nov 10, 2020

This story is simply about gender inequility to discriminate between male and female that is common in our society specially most common in pashtoon society.Now to end this discrimination we need to educate people in our society.Education plays a key role to end discrimination.

Gul Rukh


Oct 26, 2020

So basically, the writing concerns with the idea of gender equality and how women are brave enough to to get themselves as well as others(men) out of a threatning situation.

Oct 19, 2020

An amazing story challenging the stereotypes that are deeply rooted in the society. Not just an ordinary adventure but with moral lesson in it. The author wants to draw our attention to the fact that women are not as weak but if they have the will, they can achieve many things. I agree with the author by changing the concept of people about women

Sohail Ahmad


Oct 13, 2020

It's really a good effort from writers to highlight social issues
The beginning part of the story is about gender inequality that is common in our society
The second part of the story tell us that the violence is not the solution of our problems we can solve over problems peacefully through dilouge

Oct 07, 2020

The author says that there are some people who are a waited to cut the beautiful forests for there personal gains they don’t care how much their act may harm others, because they deliberately do that even knowing its bad consequences in future. He further says that the government is supposed to take care of all the forest around the country from those who are in intentions to cultivate these forests and the government has also the duty to preserve the animal’s livings inside the forest.

Faizan Shah


Sep 19, 2020

Gender equality is a human fight not a female fight, we should not discriminate between male and female both are equal. This story persuates us towards one of world's biggest problem DEFORESTATION. Sadly, its much easier to create a desert than a forest. In this story, Cindrella was like a lioness a strong and brave girl with a big heart.

Sep 16, 2020

Its a nice story on one hand a human treated ill tries to teach and preach peace that is something beyond humans consideration . It is a thought proving story .pretty fasinating
its story a short summarized story .
what i fell like the story is written perfectly by the writers but i wish their were more flavors in the story like how they used to treat her and much more .
This story isn't the same like old typical which is pretty impressive
I would recommend this book because it tells them that revenge is a range and there is no need to want revenge if one can sort things through peace.
My favorite part of the story is when the wise and brave of the story hits the serpent with rose and the serpent becomes calm .
My favorite character of the story is ''THE WIZARD''

Sohaib Khan


Sep 07, 2020

Interesting story portraying both past and present situation in the way that women been taken for granted and not considered wise, though its not about gender or colour, its about the good deeds that describes personality.
Remind me a quote which says " Only the man who thinks himself a fool is as wise as he thinks"

Manahil Khan


Sep 06, 2020

A short story with the substantial promotion of peace through dialogue. Moreover, it rightly depicts the duantless state of mind and exceptional social skills of women.
Definitely worth the readers time.

Yusra Shoaib


Sep 06, 2020

THIS short story is one of those stories that despite being short it explains alot..There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.

Misham John


Sep 03, 2020

For understanding this story better
We can divide it into 2 basic parts.
First is that we need to be strong and care for all the people regardless of how they treat us or how invaluable they make us feel. If you also treat them the way they treat you then there is no difference between you and them.
Secondly it is important to hear everyone out before giving your own opinion and justification. We don't need to shed blood when everything can be solved through dialogs.

Izaz Ul haq


Sep 02, 2020

it was fantastic,the way how is molded into new flavor,its been honest effort from writers to socially engineered new and deserved ideas into young minds.

Aug 29, 2020

The story shows a great craftsmanship. There are many shifts in the story which highlights different problems related to society. Story starts with the typical picture of patriarchal family and shows that how women are treated in such type of families. Here the story shifts toward a great environmental problem of deforestation, which also concerns with war, and the writer wants to show us that do not destroy anyone’s house so that no one can destroy yours. And the story ends with the message of peace and a girl can do anything .

Jazib Kaleem


Aug 28, 2020

The story is really a good one . Helpful for adults to know how to tackle the situation and being brave is how much important and for adults also. The interesting thing i like was this is based on Disney characters . Do read it

Shayan Shad


Aug 28, 2020

The is really an interesting and fascinating story giving an important message not only to chidren but adults also, worth reading .

Hiba Haroon


Aug 28, 2020

This story is giving a beautiful tells us that nothing is impossible if we have potential to that particular thing. Running away from the problems is not the wholly and solely solution we can sort out things by talking to each other and by listening to each other patiently by doing so the whole scenario can be changed.we Should try our level best not to create any conflicts among ourselves because it will given birth to very losy conclusions.

Aug 27, 2020

A very simple but a keen message has been discussed in this short story .Like this story is telling us that without knowing and hearing each other problems and issues we directly come across the conclusion of certain things,we always found either evil or false ways to tackle the things,which can be simply settle via healthy conversation or harmony.

Shehri Gill


Aug 27, 2020

The way in which the author retells this story is tremendous...... Although the story is not like the old cinderella but the way the author plotted the story was a great work.... Thanks....

Sadaf Zehra


Jun 27, 2020

The idea of retelling the stories is amazing. It always fascinates children of all ages to hear and read about Disneys's everlasting characters. A beautiful story that ended quite quickly.

iSMAT Bahar


Dec 01, 2019

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