The Vent 1 Reviews

By: Fatima Misbah

The book aims to explore the local media culture in Pakistan in the psycho-social wellbeing context. It is based on the research conducted through surveys and interviews of various journalists. 

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-388-2
Total Pages 75
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 2days
Genre Research Work
Published By Daastan
Published On 16 Dec 2019
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Fatima  Misbah

Fatima Misbah

She is a researcher, author, and journalist who firmly advocates for mental health. She spreads psychosocial awareness through literary journalism in Pakistan. She has authored two books named “Letters to the Soul” and "The Vent." She has been researching on the topic “Psychosocial Well-being of the Journalists” and pledges to change the landscape of journalism in Pakistan. She has worked in an online journalism platform named Digital Broadcast Television.Ltd (DBTV.Live) as a content producer and mobile journalist. She is currently pursuing her bachelors in mass communication and is also an oil painter.


Ghost Jin


Jun 14, 2020

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