The Boy Who Couldn't See 2 Reviews

By: Hassaan Ahmed

A young boy's life changes irrevocably on the morning of his birthday when he discovers that he's adopted - just not the way he imagined.

ISBN (Digital) 0000
Total Pages 10
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 15 mins
Genre Contemporary Fiction
Published By Hydra\\\\\\\'s Word Publishers
Published On 01 Sep 2018
Hassaan Ahmed

Hassaan Ahmed

Serial procrastinator. Average Joe living in Lahore - an average Javed, if you will.


Nida Shahid


Mar 02, 2017

I found the story engaging and relatable because it is exactly the stuff childhood nightmares are made of, starring family members and loved ones in troubled or troublesome situations. The boy who couldn't see, or did he choose not to? and Why?, We'll only know as the story unravels.
For now, it left me with the same eerie feeling I had after the recurring dream I saw as a child, where I was running away from something knowing it would catch up with me before I could save my sister.
Spine chilling, strange and out right creepy, like those good old fashioned scary films that give you goose bumps without the need for monsters or goblins.
Much recommended.

Feb 28, 2017

Definitely a good read, left me with a very eerie feeling. Also very curious to know what's going to happen in the next chapters. Hope this story continues. Can't wait aaaaa!!!

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