Imperfection - Man beyond man's imagination 3 Reviews

By: Salman Tahir

It is said that Human beings are one of the most perfect beings of the universe, but are they? Read how the thirst of a man of science, struggling in a word, creatures and era of science, an era at which it is the uttermost competition! An era at which science and the human brain is pushed to the last limits! Read how this man of science’s thirst for science and perfection takes a completely different turn. Read how his own inventions turn against him, read how he gets rewarded, most importantly read the true moralistic aspects of humans! The projects of the man of science might have failed and the project was pushed light years away to be demolished as a fail project but was it demolished? Or did his thirst for perfection turn against him! Yet after decades the project returns to earth, as a crash land. While NASA is busy figuring out if it were aliens, this returned project awaits a surprise for humans!

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-112-3
Total Pages 100
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1 hour
Genre Science-fiction
Published By Readers caffeine
Published On 02 Aug 2017
Salman Tahir

Salman Tahir

My name is Salman Tahir. I am a 16 year old A-levels student, majoring in IT. Alongside with studies, I dedicate a portion of my time to philosophy and literature. I have created a non profit forum, where i try to explore the philosophical and theological aspect of life and present them further with the help of mediums such as books and lectures. On the other hand, I spend some time working on literature, writing novels, poems, shot stories etc.


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Salman Tahir


Mar 07, 2017

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