Abduction from the Lethe 3 Reviews

By: Laiba Sehrish Nawaz

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"Frostbitten is a life that adjures to the laws of normality rather than the salience of aberrance." More than often in this infinite cycle of being alive until death embraces us, we lock up the doors of yesterday. It is mainly out of the flinch that the life that is behind us brings us nothing but pain and hope that the life that awaits us ahead will ultimately become the allay. This is where we end up in "The Lethe."

A river of forgetfulness, an arena made up of the surfeit of locks and chains. Left to flow away into sedimentation are lessons, feelings, memories and most importantly, a part of life that makes us who we are. This collection is meant to drag us out of that river and embrace the rendezvous with the good and the evil. It entangles you in the golden locks of life, strangles you with the chains of stagnation, breathes love into you that once set you free and lastly pour in the lies that drowned you.

This poetry and prose book is aimed at the revival of the belief that we all go through life differently but for better or for worse it's a part of us that should never have been forgotten.

ISBN (Digital) 000
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-116-1
Total Pages 185
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 2 hours
Genre Anthology
Published By Daastan
Published On 02 Sep 2018
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Laiba Sehrish  Nawaz

Laiba Sehrish Nawaz

.An 18-year-old student of English and Journalism with dreams to be a best seller one day www.instagram.com/saher.writes www.theinside2015.wordpress.com


Aug 25, 2018

The book cover as well as the title, to me, always appeared to be very enthralling. You know those books, at the very first glance at them, you know that it will be one of those reads that tend to remain by your side for a long time? This was what it seemed like from the moment I read the title and took out a moment to appreciate the work of art on the cover. It was mystical yet not really something that can squeeze itself in such a small word. It was beyond that; beyond it all and I knew very well that this book wouldn't disappoint me. I just had a feeling that it would give me whatever that I expect from it.

This book was a collection of poems and writeups that were brimming with electrifying intensity that would definitely send shivers down the reader's spine, if one did not fail to decode access to the realm obscured beneath.

The poems were about life in general but do not let that blind you even for a second because as much bright as life appears to be in sight, the darkness it bathes in, if you ever come to know the reality of it, the atrocity will make your skin crawl.

Playing with the majestic seams of her woven craft, the author challenges you to make yourself a pathway to the underworld that leads from the doors of her profound verses. It is you, then, swirling in the mist of darkness; an ocean of the unknown but with a little opening at the very top. It's like you have been struck by a black tornado; circling inside of the never ending hue but you can see, a door that opens to the light; a possible escape from what may destroy you emotionally.

But despite everything your heart feels peace among the hard yet gentle embraces of the waves in motion. Oh no, you won't ever want to reach the exit. Not until you've drowned and bled; and have permitted yourself to free the demons and dance alongside them.

In short, this book can be known as one of those roller-coaster rides where you want to leave but feel at peace at the same time. Because this book knows what you hide. And within it, you will find yourself; pieces of you that you might haven't ever been fully aware of.

Zaid Ameen


Mar 21, 2018

Feb 25, 2018

I am not good at writing English, not at all, i even don't know how to write a book review. But it's your book that makes me to write for you.
What i found is:

"Each and every prose creates a vision, creates a dream, an imaginary universe. This book takes you to the world where you experience to explore your perception, your idea of life. It's narrative, lyrical, sensuous, and philosophical at the same time. For me this spellbinding, enrapture, intoxicating book is amongst the best prose poetry collections."

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