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By: Amber Khan

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Nur e Amber

The Essence of Healing & Transformation.


Introducing the 7 Zones to Heal & Transform

your mind, body & soul,

The GAIA Diet, The Two Golden Hours of the Day & the Glide Vantage


Align to your source, find your purpose & unveil the power of your subconscious mind.


You are a ‘Timeless soul’ in a ‘Timed world’


The idea is to live through this world with the physical body but not any attachment. You are an eternal being passing through this ‘Earth’. Experience, learn and ‘Glide’ through life and be so liberated that nothing controls you. You are not here to suffer, you are here to flow, learn, create, ascend, assist and connect to your source.


When you trust GOD, the ‘Divine Intelligence’ for guidance and direction, you automatically choose the highest outcome. When you make a choice yourself you override the divine wisdom as it doesn’t have power over your choice. It guides you but ultimately your own choice determines the end result & outcome. The idea is not to ‘Achieve’ but ‘Align’. Once you align, everything will automatically fall into place bringing you peace, serenity, abundance & success. Align, Ask & Allow


Sometimes we are taken away from what we think is our life and redirected to a life that we are meant to have; leading to our purpose. We should consider ourselves lucky if this happens. Not everyone is lucky to get this personal attention from the divine power; you are. In all chaos and disorder; there is always a secret & an order. What seems like chaos to you is an orchestrated and orderly chain of events by the universe. It’s the rearrangement & redirection.


There is nothing in this universe that you can’t achieve, do or allow in your experience. Return to who you were meant to be. Realign with your ‘Source’, the ‘Universe’, ‘Earth energy. Every soul who has chosen to let-go of a negative state and rise up to a rebirth has found everything they have ever dreamt of as the rising soul from the darkness to light always has more courage, strength, faith, passion, humbleness and more will-power; that ultimately sculpts their life exactly how they desire.


We can let this negative overpower our entire being or we can take the reins back in our hands and turn this negative into the biggest positive for us. We can’t undo what happened but we can outdo our current state and choose to live the best life possible. We have the power of choice.


Allow yourself to activate the deep intense soul fulfilling love that is in your own soul. You are who you have been waiting for; it is your own love that you seek. When you begin to truly love yourself and remember how extraordinary you truly are, you will connect and merge into the divine sacred source’s love.


Your presence on this earth is very short. It’s one of the journeys for your evolution. You have been blessed with infinite power inside you and moreover you have your guides constantly around your aura. All you have to do is ask. Ask for guidance, ask for help, ask to be lead, and ask to be aligned, ask for direction. You will create, accomplish & achieve in a much magnified and correct manner when you involve the guidance of the masters & the ‘Divine Intelligence’ wisdom.


You have a powerful treasure inside you, the power of the ‘Infinite Source Energy’; invoke that power to guide you for life.


You are not dependent on any other soul on this earth for happiness, health, abundance, contentment, security, prosperity, strength or peace. It is all within you. Strive to attain all of this yourself and you will. You can overcome any weakness, sadness, negativity, helplessness, sickness, fear, pain and low vibrations; all by yourself. You are the one you’ve been waiting for all your life. Look inwards for the solution to everything.


Trust yourself; you are enough; as you are the universe.

ISBN (Digital) ISBN-13: 979-8642240557
ISBN (Hard copy) ISBN-13: 979-8642240557
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Genre Self-Help/Motivation
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Published On 16 Nov 2021
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Amber Khan

Amber Khan

Amber Khan; a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner, Design Consultant & a Spiritual Soul. She started the journey of healing through nature at a very early age inspired by her grandmother’s holistic wisdom. She gets her inspiration of life through traveling and exploring different cultures and their ancient remedies for a natural Lifestyle. She expresses herself through writing, painting, photography, design and healing. She travels to Konya every year to meditate for days. From the island of Koh samui, Thailand to Konya & Cappadocia, Turkey, to Tbilisi Georgia to Sedona, USA; her traveling enriches her soul and strengthens her faith in the natural art of healing. She strongly believes in the fact that we all have the power to change someone’s life for the better which she does through her writings and by working with several non- profit organizations. Amber worked in the corporate world after her Masters degree, soon to find that she was a misfit in it. After returning back to her country, she started designing homes keeping Feng Shui and Energy in mind and built her house using only natural materials, brick, stone, wood and iron. Rising to the highest levels of interior design industry in south Asia, helping a nonprofit ascend to new heights in USA, to product development in Turkey and Pakistan while living in Sedona Arizona, Austin Texas, Dubai UAE, Lahore Pakistan and Konya Turkey, she still felt like there was something missing; that’s when she started writing. “I remember the most beautiful smile on Earth; my grandmother’s. She believed strongly in healing the mind, body, and soul with nature and she was my inspiration for an authentic holistic lifestyle. Giving me a treasure trove of secrets that were never written anywhere, she showed me the magic of nature and healing and this magic is my gift to you; Nur (Divine light) e (through) Amber, humbly through my writings.” Amber's Vision & Mission "To nurture wellness and help souls achieve a 'High Vibrational Lifestyle'; A holistic life through my writings. Honoring the Earth and intricate cycles of life and using the valuable information to help souls achieve Wellness"


Oct 29, 2021

Excellent book for the women who are looking for their purpose in life.

Sep 20, 2020

A beautiful accumulation of how the life should be spent, what is its purpose and how women in particular confuse it with their rose gold glasses .
It is an eye opener or I must say a bible for the women of all ages specially young girls.
if we abide by these rules then anyone can fight back just like the author and live life successfully on their own terms and conditions.
women is a complete ENTITY and not a COMMODITY!
I have ordered a hard copy as well to make it a part of home library and i want every girl in my family to read it,
loved reading this book.

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