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By: Ali Sheikh

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The lives of Roshanaara and Jahanaara— two sisters, named after princesses— are anything but happy. Their sufferings take them on different, individual paths, while their love for each fails to hold their contrasting personalities together. Roshanaara— her obedience, sincerity and fading youth and Jahanaara— defiance, dependence and blossoming desires, are like day and night.   

Roshanaara, who is older takes responsibility of her then infant sister- upon their mother’s death- as well as of the poverty and the decaying household. Jahanaara, brought up lovingly but in harsh circumstances, dreams of a different world. However, her plans for a new life are foiled, when her sister escapes the claws of the fateful house in the darkness of the night. 

And thus, their story begins.  

On their journey, one of the sisters meets Sitara— a loving and lively transgender, who becomes a guide and mother. 

A tale of depression, anxiety, love, deceit and murder; this story is a poem of the circumstances that a woman and transgender face in a South Asian society. This book is a marriage between allegory and philosophy; a take on Ghalib’s famous sonnet, a poetic marvel. It takes the reader on an enthralling trip of imagination as well as contemplation, addressing coming-of-age issues and taboos.


ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-441-4
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-442-1
Total Pages 316
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 5 hours
Genre Contemporary Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 13 Jul 2022
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Ali Sheikh

Ali Sheikh

My name is Ali Sheikh and I am an author, a motivational speaker and a lecturer. i hail from Lahore, Pakistan and am currently studying architecture and design studies at the University of Liverpool. I intend to become the voice of those repressed by the years of patriarchy and immoral cultural practices. The highlight of the people who need our support are the transgenders, women and people with mental illnesses who become toxic for the ones around them. Bringing forth a positive mindset is all that is needed to make the country woke. My book "thousands of desires" hits on the important dips and intersections of the society but we decide not to work upon them. Instagram: @ainlaamye @alisheikhqalb 00447376593428

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