The Six Murders in Seattle 3 Reviews

By: Ekam Singh

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Detective Benjamin Greyson is called  from suspension when back-to-back murders rock the city of Seattle, with the killer following the same pattern, and the same murder weapon: a blade. No apparent link connects the victims until a strange lead is found, connecting everything back to an Ashram in India.

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ISBN (Hard copy) 979-8-6719-2743-6
Total Pages 116
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 3 hours
Genre Suspense
Published By Daastan
Published On 07 Mar 2023
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Ekam Singh

Ekam Singh

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Oct 04, 2022

Book review: Six Murders In Seattle
Aslam o Alikum everyone!
As mentioned in the title the story consists of 6 murders in the state of Seattle, US. The settings of the novel are the US and India. But the main thing is that the story is not all about the murders; it’s about Benjamin Grayson. The protagonist of the novel and the ideal rude hero, that most of us like these days. But I’m glad that the authors do not mention Ben as the superhero, who can solve any problem. He is a cop, and a human too. A human who makes mistakes, who is wrong at some point in life, who has personal problems as well. His friendship with his Indian friend Rohan Bakshi makes the story tone lighter and more interesting.
I really like the role of Rohan, a person who always supports his friend and badly wanted to solve an interesting case. He is the only person who is the source of a genuine smile on Ben's face; at least in my view, he is.
I also loved the bickering between Ben and David Beckham; which gives the story, funny moments even in tense situations. And of course, you will find out the murderer in end, on whom you didn’t even doubt. O k no more spoilers…….
This novel is best for those, who loved to read criminal, and suspenseful novels.
Senin Yazrin
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Feb 16, 2022

A series of murders in Seattle, all killed in the same way - a knife straight to the heart and no sign of a struggle. It’s up to the detective duo to race against time and stop the killings before it claims a seventh victim.

I kinda have a thing for short reads, something you can do away with in an hour or so, and this turned out to be fairly enjoyable at that, a very decent murder mystery, given especially that this is a debut by both authors. Also, this cover! ????

The chemistry between 'the cheeky', and 'the arrogant' detective duo was very fun to read. This was like watching an episode of CSI/CID (minus the forensics, lol), quoting a character of this book, “very movie-like, you know!” There’s quite a bit of action, a budding romance, a drug lord with a cult-like following, and the frustrations of the police department. This checks all the boxes for a murder-mystery detective story.

Alisha Adnan


Dec 29, 2021

this is an excellent book of murders with twists you'll never see coming!!