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By: Noor Sheikh

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Mountains are honoured by Allah, calling his Prophets to caves and paths on mountains. He called Moses (PBUH) to the mountain to speak to him directly; he asked Abraham (PBUH) to take Ismael (PBUH) to the mountain for sacrifice as a trial of faith only to replace him with a sheep at the last moment. Muhammad (PBUH) was called to contemplate in the cave of Hira on a lone mountain near Makkah untill Gabriel appeared with revelation from Allah. Mountains are mentioned in the Quran to be like pegs holding the earth in place which will come bursting out on the Last Hour or Doomsday. These giants watch silently the affairs of mankind unfold at their feet, perhaps smiling at the fickleness and pride of Mankind. Letting some who try and summit them survive and tell the story of what secrets lie at the top and as for others these giants embrace them, to become one of the many secrets which the mountains keep.

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Genre Travelogue
Published By Daastan
Published On 03 Nov 2020
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Noor Sheikh

Noor Sheikh

Noor is an academic and a researcher on identity, migrations and politics, from Islamabad. She is an ardent reader, has passion for travelling and writing. When she is not teaching at a local public sector university or buried in her research, she likes to be at home with her parents baking cakes and bread, and playing with her nephews and nieces.


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