The Ripple 3 Reviews

By: Mahnoor Kareem

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It is no secret that chaos thrives in the least desirable of all environments. Since our universe operates in perfect order, it is an ideal host for chaos as well.


A twisted turn of events in Robert Hill's fatal accident takes the life of his closest friend instead, forcing him to grapple with this thought. In the unfolding of this strange incident, he is torn between two worlds with divergent ideas of reality. Consequently, forced to choose among two lives, a choice no soul wishes to make, Robert must make a decision fast, as the balance of the universe hangs in it.


Science and spirit end up at war, leaving the mind to confront itself.

ISBN (Digital)
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-645-6
Total Pages 267
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 6 hours
Genre Sci-Fi
Published By Daastan
Published On 29 Aug 2022
Mahnoor Kareem

Mahnoor Kareem

Mahnoor Kareem is a teenager from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, who fell in love with storytelling at a young age. Since her elementary years, she often stood first in creative writing competitions at several forums. The numerous stories she wrote and shared online eventually paved the way for her to become a published novelist. She enjoys nature walks, photography, sports, baking, reading all kinds of literature, and learning new things. When she's not writing, she's studying, hanging out with family and friends, or exploring the field of astrophysics and cosmic theories, which have always fascinated her. To support or contact Mahnoor, check out The Ripple’s Facebook page at:


Werda Shah


Oct 20, 2022

Robert Hill, a young school teacher, got seriously injured in an accident.
He survived, but after this strange incident he found himself torn between two worlds with totally different ideas of reality. Consequently, forced to choose among two lives or we can say he had to choose between his loving brother (present in this universe) or his wife and children whom he had left in another universe.

The matter was explained as :
"When he hurt his head in a fatal injury his soul became a burden for his own body and couldn't carry the healing process. His soul in another universe had already departed due to death overtaking him so it was a perfect target for that body less soul/conscience."

Strange incidents like natural disasters and earthquakes started happening immediately after Robert woke up in that universe. It was the universe's way to handle that imbalance...????️????️

Every moment Robert spent in that universe was a risk for him, for those around him and for the universe itself.

I really liked the plot cuz this is the genre i found really interesting.
And as a young writer she has written it very well. At some places unnecessary details were annoying but it was kind of requirement for the story..
At the end story got a bit confusing.

I really loved some of the scenes like when Robert was watching the
video Aaron recorded for him i was crying.????????

Overall it was a good story full of emotions and curiosity.

Anddddd the chemistry between Robert and his brother was...????????????

Also there's a shocking disclosure in the end that you'll have to read the book to find out.????

Oct 17, 2022

The Ripple is all about the connection of science andNature.It goes without saying that the most wanted of all surroundings generate chaos. And this universe is as wonderful host for that. Robert's tragic accident takes an unexpected turn, killing his best buddy and leaving him to wrestle with his emotions. In the unfolding of this incident, He is caught between two realms that have dissimilar conceptions of reality.
Science and spirit end up at waste, leaving the mind to confront itself.
As a young writer, the author has tried her best to do different techniques and ideas in her book with plot and characters but I found it a bit confusing. Firstly the characters are complex and the sudden shifts in the store again and again. For me the nature and science became complex mixture in the book which made me lose my interest in the book gradually. Things were quite in detailed and long which was making it boring as well. Anyhow the book didn't work for me but might work for you if you enjoy sci-fi a lot.

Kiran Ashraf


Oct 02, 2022

I was pretty excited to receive a Sci-fi book this time as its been some months since I haven’t indulged in this genre. The story had a very promising start with characters one can potentially imagine or can relate to. But unfortunately, then it went down a slow plane and many of the details did not make much sense. I won't say the storyline has a lot of plot holes but the ones it has does damage its credibility. The characterization of many of the vital characters needs stagnant improvements and the same goes for important scenarios. Halfway down the book, I had some guesses in my bag of what could potentially unfurl later.

However, I regained my interest after the protagonist, Robert woke up from a coma. That I would say is the highlight as from there, the writer very cleverly weaved the story in a manner that many of the unnecessary specifics and sides appeared to be cardinal and unavoidable. The credit goes to the writer indeed for having the talent to still keep the reader immersed by adding unique fundamentals and compelling particulars. I would especially like to appreciate the on-point usage of astrophysics theories, the astral realm, and esoteric philosophies also engaging in related hypotheses and its history. Overall, it is a fine read for anyone interested in the concepts of Science fiction.

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