Why My Heart Throbs 1 Reviews

By: Fiza Batool

I am the known and the unknown, the smile and the tears, the love and the hate. I am the killer and the killed. I know why my eyes cry. I know when my lips smile and when my soul bleeds. I know why my heart throbs. Do you know why your heart throbs?

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Genre Anthology
Published By Qissa
Published On 28 Aug 2018
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Fiza Batool

Fiza Batool

Fiza is a literature student who loves to create words out of imagination, pain, happiness, tears, envy, regret, loneliness, and all of the life. Her articles usually contain horror and mystery which makes her a Gothic writer.


Arham Bhaiji


May 27, 2018

Definitely an interesting read. Good job!

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