I'll Meet You There 2 Reviews

By: Aateqa Hashmi

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ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-644-9
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Genre Poetry
Published By Daastan
Published On 05 Oct 2022
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Aateqa Hashmi

Aateqa Hashmi

a medical student who reads and writes as pursuit.


Oct 15, 2022

This poetry collection was truly beautiful. There were so many different poems, with a variety of different themes but my favourite ones were 'Questions better kept unanswered' and 'twin pregnancy'. Not only were these poems thought-provoking, but they were easy to read. I find poetry to be quite hard to decode most of the time, but the way this author wrote was simple yet effective.

The diversity in the book is also commendable. Some poems were short, some were long. There is a poem as short as 3 lines. The theme of each poem is different. There are verses about art, love, beauty, and much more.

Bushra Khan


Oct 15, 2022

Book: Ill meet you there
Author: Aateqa hashmi
Publisher: Daastan Publishers
My rating:4/5 stars
Format: ebook, Hardcover

To be very honest, when I started online reading, I was kind of bored and detested reading it this way but on receiving book soon after, It changed to delightful feeling and I completely enjoyed the poems and thought behind every poem.
Some of the best was
Going abroad,
Science of arts and birth of a human baby.
There was some poems I loved most and would like to share with you
1. Who am I

There are days when it bugs you real hard
How you have met all those people
Listened To Every Opinion Out there
Lived so many lives
That has Done Nothing
But Made You Lose your Already foggy Identity
And then, there come days too
When you realize
Its Only Because Of Living All those Lives
That you sit Alone On a Disturbingly fine Morning And Think
About The Idea Of Identity itself

2. Shades

Running behind shades
merely brings you
dark hollow fades
Choose less travelled
A vision yet unpaved
For you that holds
both real and its image

For recognition, riches and fame are
nothing but shadows
of dream, ambition and game.

I would advise you to read it for enjoyment.

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