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By: Tanzeela k. Hassan

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Living down in the valley with infected plants and waiting for her brothers to bring back food from up the cliff,  has always made Kulthoum extremely anxious. Her urge to go up there deepened because of her brothers' disappearance.

Desperate to explore the world above and to look for her brothers,  she sets up to the unknown world, the one they call the Metazorric Dimension.

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Total Pages 60
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1h
Genre Fantasy
Published By Daastan
Published On 07 Sep 2020
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Tanzeela k. Hassan

Tanzeela k. Hassan

Tanzeela k. Hassan, is an emerging Pakistani novelist. After finishing her Postgraduate degree in Foods and Nutrition with a baby in her hands, she's now a mother of four and currently a stay-at-home mother. Art is in her blood, from her parents to her siblings each and every being in her family excels in some kind of art. When asked about how she developed a her taste for writing, she replied, “Our father, who's an artists turned writer himself, encouraged us to take our sketchbooks and notepads wherever we travelled and to make important notes of our travel details, as well as to sketch scenes along our way. He would then encourage us to write something on our trip, saying that we should use all our experiences to increase our creativity.” Being a citizen of a third world country. She finds it her duty to let the world know about the positivity and beauty her native country possess. She runs her own blog at her WordPress site, posts her travel experience through it. She has published her debut novel HUNGER, through amazon self publishing. Her upcoming project includes, a humor story, Her Jinn and a sequel to Hunger, KHAN - The Cappadocia, and many short stories


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