The Song of Waves 3 Reviews

By: Isabel Ayesha Khalid

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Everlasting words with endless tales of expressionless longings since the defined existence.... Join me on my journey to a land beyond any land leading to the kingdom of love and eternity as we give ear to the story of a longing nightingale carrying haritage of two magnificent languages....Countless words one legacy....


ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-706-4
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Language English
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Genre Poetry
Published By Daastan
Published On 15 Mar 2023
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Isabel Ayesha  Khalid

Isabel Ayesha Khalid

I'm just a Wanderer in search of my lover... The eternal and only True Lover prevailing within me... My Lord...


Jul 02, 2022

The longings carried out and the use of expression was truly something profound... The promotion of a legacy transcending the secret prevailing from the very beginning... I felt as I could feel the pain in every single word expressed eloquently weather Persian or Azeri
Allah sizdən razı olsun

Usman Ali


Jul 01, 2022

After a long stretch of work i sat down and begin to read the book and found myself strongly chained and hypnotized... İ couldn't realize the passage of time reading it... İt really inspired me and teaches me much of Sufism and love... Truly inspiring and strongly recommended.

Sara Herzel


Jul 01, 2022

İ found the cover name as well as the description of the book pretty captive and when i read it i just found myself dumbfounded and merged into am other world of longings and rejoining with my true self... İ loved the qəzəl in Azəri as well as Persian... İt was truly a land beyond any land... And the translation of verses were superb... Highly recommend! Çox gözəl və heyrətamiz şeirdir!!!

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