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By: Ejaz Qadri

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Research always starts with an ambition that is directed at the need of others. The plan was to recognize and acknowledge that need. ‘Vocabulary on site’ validates the dire need to bridge the gap between architects and craftsmen. The reason is, that the masons here, are adept and know their craft well but have developed their own appropriate terminologies with relevant references. What an architect or a fresh graduate learns in architecture school are more professional and standardized terminologies in the English language, which, when they are exposed to the professional sphere, creates a huge understanding and communication gap between them and the construction world. The book is aimed to provide a threshold, a bridge, and a guide to fresh graduates, students, and even those architects who have no site experience, to learn and understand. Aiming to be the first version of the series, the book showcased an illustration of local terminologies used in Punjab with a short text explaining the term or the process.

Language: English, Urdu & Punjabi



ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-792-7
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Language English
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Genre Education
Published By Daastan
Published On 23 Dec 2022
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Ejaz Qadri

Ejaz Qadri

Managing Partner and Principal Architect at Qadri Associates since 1996.


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