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By: Qurrat NJ

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Top Ten Reasons You Should Read This Book:

1.     1. Fourteen year old Amunet was having a regular day when she was attacked by an unknown.

2.      2. Fifteen year old Mika was having a regular day when he was saved by an unknown.

3.      3. Amunet’s sister can’t sing to save her life but when she does, someone dies.

4.      4. Amunet has decided that Mika is a Slayer of Darkness.

5.      5. Mika has decided that Amunet is a crazy lunatic.

6.      6. Amunet is a vampire.

7.      7. Mika is human.

8.      8. When these two are together, vampires attack.

9.      9. is dangerous.

10.  10. is prophesized.

Excerpt from – Top Ten Things I Know About Everything by Amunet


ISBN (Digital)
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-789-7
Total Pages 220
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 4 hours
Genre Popular Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 26 Jan 2023
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Qurrat NJ

Qurrat NJ

Qurrat Ul Ain Najeeb Jamal hopes that one day her about the author page reads something like: “International Bestselling Author,” “Recipient of Pulitzer Prize,” “3 Times Winner of Pakistani Literary Award.” But until then she’s content with being a terrible cook, passionate reader, and a lazy cyclist who teaches at a public university in Faisalabad, Pakistan.


Saira Iqbal


Jun 20, 2023

I'm not used to involve so much in fictional stories BUT this literary piece is AMAZING! Being a reader in Pakistan, very attractive element is setting of the plot, i.e. Bahawalpur. A city full of history and heritage!
The plot line is beautifully constructed that sticks the reader all time to it. Suspense and curiosity at their peak! Since, I got to knoq the authors first, so, I found the leading character "Amunet" as a semi autobiographical character. For an instance, one of the writers "Qurrat NJ" has mentioned at the ending note of her book that she is a cyclist and other writer is an artist at graphics...So, these traits have been used to represent "Amunet and Leena" respectively.

The most beautiful and worth capturing twist is the "Kithe" and "slayer of darkness" who reveal themmselves at the very end of the plot line.

The central discussion i.e. "Vampire and Angel of Darkness" are the hidden phases of humans. Common people of the society have been facing deaths of their emotions for numerous times in their lives. Some of them become emotioless i.e. immortal hollow at heart (angel of darkness) and some of them begin to care more about others even by controlling and killing their own emotions i.e. Vampire. (So-called vampire, who is actually an angel at the heart)

In a nutshell, story intellectually captures the bond of friendship, sisters and their struggle to save humanity. Though, it's just a fantasy, it depicts the real emotions of inhabitants and society.

Aqsa Khalid


Feb 18, 2023

Just completed reading Kithe. It was amazing, like I fell in love with Mika's character. Loved the location and the whole plot.
May Allah bless your hands and you keep writing more stories :)

Iqra Rafiq


Feb 11, 2023

A well crafted tale told in a multiple POV. Full of fun and relatable characters. I loved Mika most of them all!
Amunet's way of putting everything into a list made it unique. Kaeser's dairy entries were narrated so beautifully.

This book kept me hooked from the very first line. It can be read in one to two sittings easily. I could have stayed up all night reading it but I had to put it aside at 2 am to get some sleep. (I was so immersed in the story that all I dreamed was about vampires and the fallen angel lol). I completed it in two sittings.

Be it load-shedding or using Dopattas as rope, the Pakistani elements made the book all the more appealing.
Intriguing storyline and eloquent writing style made it un-put-downable! I enjoyed reading it so much.
and I definitely recommend it!

Muazima KHAn


Feb 04, 2023


Feb 02, 2023

Interesting fiction

Aiman Kinza


Feb 02, 2023

It's a very interesting book, full of suspense and the plot is very excellently developed. I want to recommend it to all fiction and mystery fans.

Maryam Ali


Jan 31, 2023

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