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By: Antoine Desulme

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The news of about daily massacres in various parts of the world was the primary source of my nagging unease. This reinforced my belief that the news' negativity was the primary cause of whatever negative thoughts or feelings I was experiencing. When I got home, I was confronted with how I was living my life for the first time. I pondered why I had been exposing myself to so much negativity, just to return home exhausted. That day, I made a conscious decision not to watch television the next day. And, as I had predicted, my experience was becoming better and better in every way. That was the last time I watched any television program, and it was also the first day I gave up what I had considered a normal way of life. In order to succeed in the milieu I lived in, I needed to take a more mindful approach. Because I was exposed to a wide range of experiences and was continuously assaulted with information, I needed to examine the underlying biological and psychological aspects in order to define my way of life and, as a result, my identity.

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Genre Non-Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 16 Feb 2023
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Antoine Desulme

Antoine Desulme

Antoine Desulme is a talented writer with a passion for crafting captivating stories and bringing characters to life on the page. With a keen eye for detail and a unique voice, Antoine Desulme has the ability to engage readers and transport them to another world with every word. Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, Antione's writing is marked by its intelligence, empathy, and emotional depth. With a natural gift for storytelling, Antoine Desulme has the potential to become a leading voice in the literary world. Those who have had the privilege of reading Antione's work know that they are in the presence of a truly special talent.


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