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By: Dr. Shamail Zia

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Special Stains Used in Histopathological Technique is a comprehensive guide that reveals the hidden secrets within tissue samples. With step-by-step instructions, this book enables you to master the intricate world of special stain techniques. Learn how to harness the power of different stains to accurately diagnose and characterize diseases. Whether you're an experienced histotechnologist, a trainee pathologist, or a medical professional, this book is an essential companion for enhancing your skills in histopathology.

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-869-6
Total Pages 75
Language English
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Genre Research Work
Published By Daastan
Published On 28 Jun 2023
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Dr. Shamail Zia

Dr. Shamail Zia

Dr. Shamail Zia was born in Karachi Pakistan. He is a distinguished graduate of Ziauddin Medical College and is a highly accomplished medical professional and Scientist. He obtained his Post Graduation in Dermatology from Ziauddin University and further expanded his expertise by completing the prestigious MRCGP (England) certification. Additionally, he is certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), demonstrating his commitment to global medical standards. Currently, Dr. Zia is pursuing an MPhil in Histopathology from Jinnah Sindh Medical University, focusing on advancing his knowledge in dermatopathology. With a strong passion for both dermatology and pathology, he aims to train and mentor aspiring physicians in this specialized field. His dedication to his profession is evident through his numerous contributions to the medical community, with over 30 publications in national and international journals. Notably, Dr. Zia's innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Noor e Zia Tele Clinics. Recognized for its potential, the startup has been incubated by Dow University of Health Sciences, with plans for expansion throughout Pakistan. In November 2022, the exceptional work of Noor e Zia Tele Clinics was acknowledged by winning the DUHS Dice Award, further highlighting Dr. Zia's entrepreneurial achievements. Driven by his unwavering commitment to medical research and the betterment of humanity, Dr. Zia envisions investing his life in advancing the field of medicine. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and his pending patent at the United States Patent Trade Office exemplify his innovative approach to medical advancements. With a deep-rooted desire to improve the lives of individuals worldwide, Dr. Shamail Zia stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring future generations to contribute to the medical field for the benefit of all.


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