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By: Ayesha Rasheed

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Hamza is a smart, cheerful and friendly boy, with great future prospects and admiration from everyone at his tuition center. But one day, news of his death spreads around like a plague. Days go by, and Hamza's absence remains unforgotten. Now, a rumor spreads, by those who claim to have seen him, and the receptionist, Soha, finds it hard to overlook this matter. Just what happened to their dear friend, Hamza?

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-247-2
ISBN (Hard copy) -
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Language English
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Genre Mystery
Published By Daastan
Published On 26 Nov 2018
Ayesha Rasheed

Ayesha Rasheed

I like unique, mysterious, horror, fantasy, detective, moralistic and romantic stories. I absolutely loathed cliched books. My dream is to become a writer. I don't stay in one genre of books. I write all all and like all. But cliches are what I hate the most in books. Be it cliched plots, cliched characters, and even over use of the same words in the same setting that ruins the story's atmosphere. A story must not be fast paced- nor slow. To find such stories is rare, but worth it.


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