Darkness to Light; A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing 1 Reviews

By: Faria Akram

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Has your life become a mystery? Have you ever had an emotional breakdown? Found yourself in darkness with no way out? If yes, then this book is for you! This is the journey from weakness, heartbreak, denial and darkness to recovery, acceptance, healing and light.

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-913-6
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-912-9
Total Pages 183
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 7-20 hours
Genre Self-Help/Motivation
Published By Daastan
Published On 10 Dec 2023
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Faria Akram

Faria Akram

Faria Akram is a young girl who loves to read. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computational Physics. She has a deep affection for literature and nature. She always wanted to write. She is an enthusiastic girl and every girl in her late teens or early twenties can relate to her. She is also not a literature student but a learner from heart, this inspired all the non-literary people to write their hearts out. Darkness to Light is her debut work.


Jan 30, 2024

I have been reading this book And I have to say what an amazing experience It's a self help book the motive was to spread more positivity about self love despite the problems and phases of life. This book serves as a guiding beacon, illuminating a path from the shadows to the light. It declares your worthiness amidst life's formidable challenges, asserting that darkness is a vital companion on your journey, It is a book for struggling souls trying to balance their life. The range of lessons shown in these hits its mark time and time again, and makes this a widely accessible piece. The author's words seamlessly fill one’s soul with the comfort it is craving, as well as the healing you didn’t even know you were in need of. This book is embedded with wisdom to motivate and elevate you to help you think and grow wholeheartedly. I found myself more than once and over and over again as I read through the pages and so will you. The words written will represent you and will speak for you and in it you will find your voice and the words you are unable to express but can only think of. You will see your reflection and recognize your truth in a way that will encourage you to be more of who you are and what you stand for! It is always a pleasure to read Pakistani writers, this author did a fantastic job we all can relate to this book at some point I appreciate such thoughtfulness It has been beautifully written Everyone should definitely give this one a read.

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