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By: Dr. Humaira Irfan

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Dr. Humaira Irfan has embarked on the timeless and enduring territory of the “soul” with grace & depth. Dr. Irfan meets each challenge – topics that poets & philosophers have pondered for centuries – with an unwavering optimism that journeys through “an obscure voyage” while humanizing it with “a prayer to heaven (that) softens indifference.” In the end, her message seems clear: the soul is always tethered to hope. This collection is a poetic achievement!

Michael Cirelli

American poet and founder of the US National Youth Poet Laureate Program


I always knew the author for a budding scholar so it is a pleasant surprise to discover that she is also a creative writer. The three elements I notice in her work are: nostalgic wistfulness for the loss of some relationship, deeply felt veneration for some ostensibly superior being, and a sense of the ephemeral nature of human life. Her style is concrete as she uses images, metaphorical language, and evocative words to express her emotions. I wish her success.

Dr. Tariq Rahman

Author of A History of Pakistani Literature in English


Poems in this book seem to mark a period in the poet's life, a period of reflection and healing. Poetry, I believe evolves on its own. 'Life' is the raw material it saves and savors to carve out itself. A poet's job never ends; it must not end. I hope Humaira will also keep writing, and keep healing her soul.

Yasmeen Hameed

Author of Pakistani Urdu Verse: An Anthology



A Romantic sensibility expresses itself in the meandering of Humaira Irfan's poems whose flow, the frequent use of adjectives and adverbs, makes them more leisurely. At other times her poems oscillate between the angst of existence and the healing of solitary moments. This volume, "A Soul's Meditation", shares a kaleidoscopic range of personal, private, professional, and public sensitivities of Humaira Irfan with the reader.

M. Athar Tahir

Author of Second Coming

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-927-3
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-928-0
Total Pages 50
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 30 minutes
Genre Poetry
Published By Daastan
Published On 19 Jan 2024
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Dr. Humaira  Irfan

Dr. Humaira Irfan

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