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By: Mussawir Abrar

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A five-year-old boy, waits every night earnestly for his magic stones. The stones that will give him the life he wants for just a few minutes. Even if it means he will have to give away more duty toys. He lives with his father who accompanies him to work every day and his pregnant mother who tears up every time she sees her little angel leave for work at this age.

Whenever, he is upset he takes his magic stone out and rubs it. What lays ahead, is what Benedicti eagerly waits for- the favourite place.

If only the Magic Guy would give him stones that hold for a little longer.

If only the Magic Guy would take him to visit the place he talks about so much.

If only the Magic Guy would allow him to live in that place forever.

Magia Regna.

A place of magic, merriment and mesmerizing beauty.

Little did he know, that his innocent wishes may have severe consequences. The results of which Benedicti might not be ready to accept just yet.

Will Benedicti agree to live in a place where his parents will not be? Or will he give up his magic stones to live with his unborn brother?


He starts struggling to find a way.

ISBN (Digital) -
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-148-2
Total Pages 54
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1h
Genre Fantasy
Published By Daastan
Published On 21 May 2020
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Mussawir Abrar

Mussawir Abrar

Mussawir Abrar is an engineering student. He is an enthusiastic writer, poet, linguist, physicist, psychoanalyst, actor and a public speaker. He has been the Chief Coordinator of Art & Literary Circle at Forman Christian College.He is currently the editor of magazine of UET Tribune. e believes in a world of blended Science & Art. Through his poems, literary and other non-literary works, he tries to change the priorities of youngsters, in order to set them correct. He is a person wishful of a parallel universe with infinite happiness for infinite people.


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