Kingdom of Derya: Aitmaad and the Clan of Seven 1 Reviews

By: Omar Iftikhar

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The two greatest Warlocks of that age; Zauberer- guardian of the Diamond of Avenir and Malvagio- greedy for the Diamond’s powers, come face to face in a duel resulting in events that will shake the very foundations of the magical world. One wizard prays for the Chosen one to be born while the other prays for the rebirth of his malicious intentions.


Centuries later, in Fikrgrove, a city of the magical Kingdom of Derya, a shoemaker is oblivious of his destiny. Aitmaad, does not know yet that his fate has been prayed for, to the heavens above.


Under the wing of Zoraiz, will Aitmaad accept his destiny or will he cower away from his chosen path just to safe his family and his own life?


Will Aitmaad defeat Malvagio before he opens a portal to his malevolent world of Ogien to bring his satanic beasts on Earth?


Did Zauberer’s prayer choose the right person to become part of the Clan of Seven?  



Questions that not even the Clan of Seven know the answers to. Yet, the fate of the Kingdom of Derya is in the hands of Aitmaad, who knows nothing about his newfound powers or responsibilities.

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ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-137-6
Total Pages 80
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1.5 hours
Genre Fantasy
Published By Daastan
Published On 21 May 2020
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Omar Iftikhar

Omar Iftikhar

Writing articles and columns for various English language newspapers and magazines of Pakistan since 2004. Have also worked as Assistant Manager for Slogan Magazine and South Asia Magazine and as a Strategy and Planning Executive at a digital media advertising agency, Symmetry Group. Currently pursuing literary projects and working on his debut book.


Safwa Mir


Aug 05, 2020

A treat to read this book and also edit it. Being a fan of Lord of the Rings trilogy, Eragon series, and Harry Potter, this book was an interesting read.

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