The Storm Unfolds 1 Reviews

By: Kanwal Shariq

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Deep in the desert, the city fights for its survival as all the resources coming from the clans are sabotaged. It does not help that the people have been stripped of their right to perform magic after the misuse of magic in dark war.

The conclave has other problems as well. They are confronted with a rebel who goes against all norms and teaches magic to everyone against the law. While the search for the rebel ensues, the elders of the clan are also confronted by a mass rebellion greater than any resistance they had before, instigated due to the death of a woman, who was the heart and soul of the city and could have been saved. There is a chaos and even the best of the warlocks are helplessly wondering how it will ever get under control again.


Will the conclave be able to contain the rebel or will the rebel achieve his goal?

ISBN (Digital) -
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-140-6
Total Pages 67
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1.5h
Genre Fantasy
Published By Daastan
Published On 22 May 2020
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Kanwal Shariq

Kanwal Shariq

Kanwal Shariq is a writer, poetess and blogger. She is in the process of getting a degree in Computer Science and hopes, with the help of both her degree and writing, of helping war-torn countries by providing a platform for their youth so that their voices are not lost.


Arbaz Ejaz


Jun 04, 2018

I really loved it, specially the ending. Would reccomend it!

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