Taboo 12 Reviews

By: Mehak Nadeem

She was humiliated at the hands of her brother when she was but a child unable to explain the torment that she had gone through. She was living life with the apprehension of what it meant to be touched without permission. Annaya was tormented and violated against time and time again. 

It seemed she could never be free of the vice of being a woman; in a society where a woman is blamed for everything, what could she do? Where could she go? 

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-081-2
Total Pages 50
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1 hr
Genre Tragedy
Published By Daastan
Published On 11 Jan 2018
Mehak Nadeem

Mehak Nadeem

I have done my bachelors in English Literature, my masters in Development Studies and am currently enrolled in an Mphil program. I like learning new languages, and reading all sorts of books. Reading is my favorite pastime and writing is my passion.


Ikrah Zaheer


Aug 13, 2016

Loved it totally!!
Though I'm not fond of reading but I was glued to it till end, and that's the beauty of author and story.
It's quite daring enough to talk about such a bitter reality of our society. Good work, well done!!

shayan raza


Aug 11, 2016

An excellent way of writing. Reading this made me feel like i was there and was able to feel the pain of the poor soul. Also it was very brave of the author to pick such an unusual topic and describe it so vividly pointing out the faults in our society. This should be acknowledged on a larger scale and precautions should be taken about such action. All in all this was a great book.

Aug 10, 2016

This is not a story made up of words, sentences, and paragraphs. This is a diagnostic report of a sick society where women are treated as lesser beings, where children are abused on a daily basis and where talking about such evils is also a crime. The author depicted this with emotions, feelings, and sentiments. If you'd read it with an open heart you'll feel like you are living every scene of this story. Perfectly written by a brave person.

Aug 04, 2016

Conservatives, bigots and orthodoxies exists in every country and society to play only one role and that is to keep the people silent and with one hidden agenda to keep the women oppressed, may it be by giving them the fear of God, Family, Culture or norms.

What matters is that every culture and different part of country hold its own secrets of which; some of the secrets emerge from the ashes and leave a impact for the coming generations that if they are trapped in the same kind of situation, they must raise their voice rather than being abused by the same people who are meant to be their protectors and who are meant to be family.

In Pakistan every household carries some secrets may it be house abuse, inter family child marriages, inter family and marriage rapes, the question of equal rights, the deep embedded taboo which every women or may it be a child faces in his learning stages which leaves a deep psychological affect on the particular person for the entire life.

In this novel Mehak Nadeem uncovers a bitter hidden truth and a step forward to curtail this problem by telling the truth in the serene phraseology for the existing and coming generations so that if they are trapped in the same kind of abuse they must raise their voice and slap canonical traditions. So, That children, women and humanity should not be manipulated and used in the favor and interest of some people.

A well written and epic piece of colloquial writing in combination with the story, well done and thumbs up to you!

Aug 04, 2016

a harrowing tale - told in a simple n very clear-cut style. u feel as if u'r actually there, which makes u extremely uncomfortable - but that is the power of effective storytelling.

it just makes one wonder, that if reading about it is so disturbing, what must it be like to actually go through it. devastating, life-altering. the writer captures that very well.

the saddest part of this (n any) society is that such a large number of readers would actually be able to relate to the events in this story. we can only hope for a day when such themes will remain only in fiction, n not in reality.

Aug 04, 2016

The words made me into tears, taking such bold topic and talking about it in such detail is very much appreciable.....

Ayesha Saba


Aug 03, 2016

So amazing I was literally crying nd it's a fact of our society >_< wel done Mehak u hve Writen it in a very wel way....

hira anwar


Aug 03, 2016

well written ???? beautiful expression full of twists which grip you tight and give u you gosebumps.I'm proud of you mehak for writing such a realistic full of 'taboo' and amazing story ????????

Aug 03, 2016

A well-written piece about a topic that no one in our society speaks up about. Thought-provoking and a step in the right direction towards fighting a great taboo.

Aiza Humayun


Aug 03, 2016

A very eye opening story. Cruel reality of this society. More people need to read this and make their children aware of the mindset of most people. Beautifully written and well portrayed ?

Aug 03, 2016

Bitter reality of our society. Writing on this topic is brave enough. well done.

Aug 02, 2016

the things we need to talk about the most.
How to not rob a child of their innocence.
great Job.

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