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By: Hafiza Noor Ul Ain Imtiaz

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“There is in Talismalore a shop, that sells your heart’s greatest desires,” Azar had said

If, you could buy happiness, would you? If you could buy everything would you?

If the answer is yes, then you should come to Talismalore’s General Store.

We sell everything, if you can afford it.

Years ago, an unstoppable force met an immovable object, befriended him and then left in the silence of the night.  

Azar Gul had been ferocious like the fire she had been named after. Her friendship had been everything to Kaukab Rizvi, until she disappeared.  

Ten years later he finds a letter that leaves him with more questions than answers. Now, he too must overcome the silence of the night to embark on a journey he will never forget…even if he wants to.

Can a wary and cautious Kaukab find her? Can he bear the weight of what lies in store? Will she want to come back?

Meanwhile, an unknown deity, also follows Kaukab’s every move. A deity, that never loses.


Join Kaukab as he finds out that sometimes defeating outer demons are easier than defeating the ones inside.


ISBN (Digital) 000
ISBN (Hard copy) 000
Total Pages 57
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 30min
Genre Contemporary Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 04 Jan 2019
Hafiza Noor Ul Ain Imtiaz

Hafiza Noor Ul Ain Imtiaz

A regular college student trying to discover an inner writer; step by step, book by book.


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