My Five Minutes of Fame 1 Reviews

By: Hafiza Noor Ul Ain Imtiaz

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Ambition is a ladder and every one of us must face the climb. Some take it as they must; one rung at a time. Passing each level brings them closer to a dream. Ana, unfortunately, is not among such wise climbers. Born to a poor family, she will snatch at the first chance that she thinks will take her to the place of her dreams. Being drunk on early success, she will refuse to see where the path is taking her. The ladder is, indeed, too large for a single leap.


ISBN (Digital) 000
ISBN (Hard copy) 000
Total Pages 57
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 30min
Genre Contemporary Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 21 May 2020
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Hafiza Noor Ul Ain Imtiaz

Hafiza Noor Ul Ain Imtiaz

A regular college student trying to discover an inner writer; step by step, book by book.


Aug 05, 2022

An amazing piece of writing!

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