Possession 2 Reviews

By: Aafia Muhammad Amin

Money is worthful in this materialistic world but relations can't be materialized.

The story and title interacts on two levels:

-Possessing money is your only materialistic possession but human values can't never be underestimated.

-Value of money is not much to get you walk through critical situations.

This moralistic story encompasses the most common scenario of everyone's life. This is the point through which almost every man goes through.

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Language English
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Genre Drama
Published By Qissa
Published On 28 Aug 2018
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Aafia Muhammad Amin

Aafia Muhammad Amin

Aafia Muhammad Amin - a born writer and an emerging artist, is currently pursuing Pharm-D and lives in Hyderabad, Pakistan. She is a proud author of two books i.e. "Possession" and "Spark in the Dark". She has also co-authored many National and international anthologies. She writes poems and prose in both English and Urdu. Apart from being a passionate poet and writer, Aafia is also a progressing artist, freelance content writer, a self-taught graphic designer, a digital illustrator and is working as a photographer too. She has chosen writing, photography, and art as varied mediums to portray broken dreams, the world around her, physical and mental sufferings, and silent struggles.


Kashif Nasir


Mar 25, 2021

Afia Muhammed Amin’s, ‘Possession’ (A Short Story) Review

I will be honest I thought it was ghost story.
It wasn’t. 

The story has been published by Dastaan.
Afia tries to answer the big questions.
The more I think about it. I realize short fiction is more difficult to write than the novel genre. I read somewhere it says. A short story sometimes can say in a very few words which a novel can’t.

Afia’s story, ‘Possession’ tries to answer the question: Can money buy happiness?
This is a philosophical question. Tons of literature has been written on the subject.
Afia’s characters Hadia and Hassan are at ends of spectrum. Hassan believes money can buy happiness. Hadia says it can’t.
Opposites attract and they fall in love but still the question remains, the argument remains. Can money buy happiness?
The argument goes back and forth. They reach no verdict. How can they with hypothetical arguments.
The plot keeps moving until there arises a situation where both characters are forced to reconsider their stance. Hadia and Hassan are forced to question their own believe about materialism, were they correct previously or in the light of new situation. They will change their stance.
My thoughts

My basic measure for liking a literary work is, can it take hold of you? Can the story make you believe it’s real? Can it make you put down your cell phone? Can it make you think?
I would say Afia’s story meets the above criteria.
But I must confess I disliked some parts,

I don’t like happy endings. I wanted one character to die which didn’t. I was rooting for materialism but Idealism won.
I don’t believe in the ratings system so I am not going to rate it but I would say it’s a good well crafted story with suspense and twist.
If you are looking for an easy read which can also make you think I totally recommend this. You can read the story here.

Munira Memon


Feb 28, 2018

Keep it up

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