Chasing the Dreams 4 Reviews

By: Yusra Mustafa

“She felt so ashamed when she was introduced to her siblings as a servant of house. Everything she craved for were her siblings’ unasked fate. She was not even sent to school although she was so fond of learning and writing, hadn’t been that one event occurred. She looked below the roof and realized she was going to be seventeen but nothing had changed.”

Born to a Nawab of the village, Aima has lived half of her life as a servant to her own family, only because she was the first child born a trans-gender; an obsolete existence! But help comes to those who truly deserve them, and Aima found solace in Dinu, the oldest of the servants. He raised her like his own and fueled her desire to be an authoress.

But will she be able to escape the cruelty of her parents? Or will her desire be just a mere forgotten dream?

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-077-5
Total Pages 40
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1 hr
Genre Contemporary Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 01 Sep 2018
Yusra Mustafa

Yusra Mustafa

a pre-engg student , photographer, love exploring space,reading books and writing a little bit is my hobby , and a huge fan of numerous writers, always believed in that "if you can dream it you can do it"


tanha panchi


Oct 10, 2016

5 star not due to that reason i know her personally but due to her this marvelleous story.Though the plot is very common but she made it different by using the character ; trans gender.Good keep it up becoz if u can dream it, believe it then u can acheive it .urs well wisher . urs saba ( mulla do pyaizi) .

Affaf Sheikh


Aug 27, 2016

salam its a great story.the most inspiring point of the story is its positivity which the writer holds from start till end.the moral of story which i think is that no one is superior over can do any thing in the world when you start believing your self . a new horizon reveals in the story which welcome transgender in the world.its only a heredity problem which not only you but your family has to face in the world.i know some people who upbring them in such a way that its not the fault (either in man or women) but you take revenge from society by marriaging healthy people and give them torture and its only the sake of pleasure.

Aug 05, 2016

i am really proud beyond measure at being enlightened of the fact that my own friend,a very good human being wrote this was wonderfull and put light on the thoughts a girl faces with the passage of time.A THUMBS UP!

Aug 03, 2016

Best short story ever I have read in my life.
Love it,

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